Engadget – Windows 8 App Review


engadget - app review

Engadget is a web service which brings you info about various customer products, especially about the electronic gadgets. These publishers developed an app, by which you can go for a crazy on the feeds of latest device previews and reviews. Now this app got released for the Microsoft Store.

Engadget brings you obsessive daily coverage on gadgets & consumer electronics. It is the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology. Engadget’s team of expert editors and columnists cover the world of consumer electronics with unmatched passion and an obsessive attention to detail.

engadget - app review

Here, you can get all latest news for laptops, gaming and much more, thereby bringing you all the tech feeds giving out all your demands. In this app it gives a little less quality based app which is a kind of disappointing. This app requires a lot of update and changes.

It is highly clear that the user face some crash counts, as it doesn’t get refreshed even while trying to make a manual mode of refresh. Also the picture quality of this app has been reduced, might be due to low data usage. Still it makes the app feel a little dull when compared to the web service of this team.

engadget - app review

As still it is in the development stage and lots more to come, we expect a much better release then this app which is clear and an elite watch. Feed wise, to know, it performs good as usual with a lot more info to know if you don’t care much on interface.


App review: 4/10


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