E-Waste Management at Home


21st Century- Most of us have one or the other type of electronic gadget ranging from calculators to computers and we use this gadgets until or unless they’re damaged or if something superior to it arrives in the market, after that most of the items are just thrown away or sold to scrap dealers. This counts up to a rising problem which is a concern to global communities, “Electronic waste” or in general, E-WASTE!

Why not look deep inside that discarded material? Chances are, you can get something essential from your discarded material that can help you in some way.

What is Electronic Waste ?

Electronic waste consists of any discarded material which consists of any sort of electronic or electrical component. This includes discarded computers, radios, microwaves, mobile phones, mp3 players, chargers, speakers and any current operated device that you want to be as discarded.

Electronic waste

Discarded Electronic material

Why E-Waste Management?

Managing discarded material is a concern for an individual as well as for community as if this waste isn’t managed properly then there is an infinite loop of hazard which deteriorates health and wealth. This, in turn it’s essential

What to do?

Mostly, discarded materials are sold out to scrap dealers or are just thrown in trash. Selling waste to scrap dealers is a pretty good idea to monetize but in real, you’re getting your hands in a vicious business which ultimately leads to health hazards, as the waste is burnt without any prior precautions. So here are some good ways to go:

  1. Search for an authorized Re-cycling plant which is certified by Pollution Control Board or similar kind of certification. Better google it. From my personal experience, I suggest JustDial.com for India.
  2. If you are a student, ask your fellow mates if they want any element from the device as electronic gadgets consists of various components that may be in good working condition, which can help someone in utilizing them in some project or a new device implementation.
  3. Don’t throw away CDs and DVDs, use them for making a Decorative Lightning Tower as they can cause multiple reflection via same source of light, so do innovate using such waste.
  4. Monetize your E-waste by selling it to electrical shops as they use most of the elements.
  5. Leading companies like Nokia have started recycling plans for your gadgets, do have a look on them before trashing up.

Better get pump up with this post and develop a feel of innovator by having a keen look on the materials and investigate about them. So better re-use E-Waste or take it to a place where it can be dumped properly.
After all, diamond too emerges after furnishing coal, so better peep inside the things that you feel as discarded and make the best out of it.


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