Dropbox Vs Google Drive Vs SkyDrive : Comparison Table

Parameter Dropbox
Google Drive
google drive
microsoft skydrive
Developer Dropbox Google Microsoft
Free Storage Space 2 GB (+512 MB/referral giving up to 16GB via referrals) 5 GB 7 GB
Additional Space Costs Plans ranging from 50 GB ($10/mo) through 1 TB ($800/mo) 25 GB ($2.5/mo) to 16 TB ($800/mo) 20 GB ($10/yr) to 100 GB ($50/yr)
File Size Limit 300 MB for uploads via Web, No limit via Desktop 10 GB 300 MB
Compatibility General Compatible with Gmail, Google+ & other Google cloud services Compatible with Microsoft Office formats
Ease Of Use Easiest Easy Easy
Media Streaming Available Not Available Available
Desktop Support Windows, Mac & Linux Windows & Mac Windows & Mac
Mobile Support
(Mobile Web support available in all 3)
iOS, Android & Blackberry Android Windows Mobile 7 & iOS

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