DIY Video: How to Root an Android mobile without a Computer



Certainly many have called the “rooting” of Android smartphones heard. But what is this all about? – A “root” gives you administrative access on your phone, which normally only the mobile phone manufacturers and Google has. This makes it possible to employ some such as over-or underclocking your device in order to a higher speed or a fuel-efficient batteries. Also, your equipment can customize it such as flashing a different firmware. You can even use an appropriate program for changing the clock frequency easily.

To perform the “Rooting” of your phone, there are several methods. You can Do It Yourself, without the need of an experienced professional for this process. Here I had provided you a tutorial video, which shows the steps you need to perform for Rooting. The speciality of this method is that you don’t need any computer, to connect with your mobile to complete the process. So, its a very easy process.


DIY: Tutorial to Root you Android mobile


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You can copy the steps shown in the video, to perform a successfull rooting of your android mobile.


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