DIY Video: How to Change the Windows Startup Sound


This is a tutorial to show you that you can alter Windows startup tone according to your will. Would you like to listen to your favorite song as soon as you boot your PC? Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Goto C:\Windows\Media

Step 2: Look for Windows Startup.wav

Step 3: Copy any song and paste it in C:\Windows\Media

Step 4: Delete the file Windows Startup.wav

Step 5: Rename your song “” into Windows Startup.wav

Food For Thought

  • Backup for media recommended (unless your parents want that hip hop jazzy melodic dubstep booming all the way when you start your PC)
  • The start-up tone plays only for 17 seconds. So if your song is 3 mins long, better edit the song by any software.


For using Unlocker…

Download the latest version of unlocker from here and install it.

The function of unlocker being that it kills all the correspondent windows tasks that are linked to the files that you want to delete.

For example, you needs to gain access permission to TrustedInstaller while editing files in Core Windows directory. Since you are not an amateur, you need to right click the file, click unlocker and delete it.

This is the most optimized way to delete any file throughout your PC.


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