Different Male Masturbators That Are Worth Considering


It’s no secret that it’s always a big deal for men when the topic is all about their phallus. They always succumb to what their manhood feels and find ways to release the heat when they feel like it. Who can blame them? Masturbating is a great feeling. Not only does the action itself release a lot of tension, but it also allows men to find better ways to please themselves on their own. 

If you are looking for a few new toys to introduce into your naughty closet, then you should definitely consider one, or two, or three of the following male masturbators: 

  1. FleshLight

Also known as a pocket pussy, the fleshlight is almost any boy’s first sexual fantasy toy. It is discreet (or high-quality ones are) and resembles the same sensation of a woman’s vagina. The toy has one opening and is closed on the other side. 

It’s basically a fleshy silicone sock within a tube. Once you are erected you can insert your penis and inside and enjoy the slippery simulation. Fleshlights are usually combined with different water-based lubricants or creams for an even wetter sensation. 

Men love using flesh lights of all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of these sex toys’ openings resemble a real woman’s vagina or anus. Manufacturers have taken the initiative to create vaginas that are exact replicas of famous porn stars. Porn stars go in to mold their vaginas, once a mold is made hundreds and thousands of replicas are made according to it.  Making it even that much easier to imagine the real thing while masturbating. Some designs are flesh-colored while others can come in many different shades of blue, transparent and even purple.  

Fleshlights are usually manually and guys have to move it up and down and around to their liking. More recently, they have been taking on some electronic features that include vibration and circular movements. 

  1. Sleeve

The sleeve is another male masturbation basic. It does the same job as the fleshlight with the difference of it not resembling any woman parts. The sex toy is a tubular silicone object that is open on both sides. Because it’s open-ended, it can be used during sex with a partner. The sleeve can add extra width and clitoral stimulation when pushed up against the base of the shaft. 

Unfortunately, this entry-level toy is completely manual and should be operated with the user’s hands – or their partner’s. If you want to take your masturbation to the next level, read this.

  1. Blow Job Machines

For a true blow job simulation experience, designers have created blow job machines that resemble the real deal. These machines take on a similar shape as the fleshlight with added mechanics. Special gears and beads are designed into the machine to allow for the ultimate blow job experience. 

It’s a sit-back-and relax sex toy that is completely hands-off. Guys who have used the blow job machine have reported to reach orgasm much more frequently than when they masturbate manually. 

  1. Cock Ring

Cock rings are used between couples to enhance sexual sensitivity and to lengthen the time of erection. If you want to explore your own body and sexual limits, then you can use a cock ring while masturbating. 

Some rings have different sized loops that can be placed around testicles and shaft alternatively or simultaneously. Regardless of how tight you want it to be, it will give the wearer an interesting sensation that will improve the masturbation experience. 

  1. Butt Plug

Even for men who aren’t gay, a butt plug is a great object to try out at least once in your life. This doesn’t mean you have to start off with a huge plug that is difficult to insert. Starting out small can make you feel much more comfortable for future endeavors. 

It has been proven, that men’s orgasms are highly intensified when their anus is stimulated during the climax. Using a butt plug or an anal stimulator while masturbating can create an intense climaxing experience. 

There are no rules when it comes to using male masturbators. Guys can combine many different types all at once or stick with their favorite. For more male masturbation toy choices, you can visit sites like https://www.anastasiasextoys.com/best-male-masturbator/.

Male masturbators are great things to have if you aren’t in a relationship or if you are in a long-distance relationship. This doesn’t mean they are only to be used as soloists. Introducing fun new toys into the bedroom can spice up a couple’s sex life. The two of you will be able to explore even more and perhaps even discover pleasure points you never knew you had. 

Whether you start with an entry-level sleeve or fleshlight or go all in for a machine-operated blowjob device – you are in for the sexual experience of your life.


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