Differences between TCP & UDP



Major differences between the TCP(Transmission Control) & UDP(User Datagram) transport layer protocols:

Stream-Oriented : Data transmitted as a virtual stream of bytes Message-Oriented : Data transmitted as individual data packets called datagrams(the basic unit of data transferred)
Reorders packets Does not reorder packets; leaves it to the application layer
Data Reliability:Absolute guarantee that data remains intact No guarantee; No data reliability
Two-way connection reliable One-way connection reliable
Uses a 20 bytes header Uses a 8 bytes header
Error checking No error checking
Flow control No flow control
Slower speed (due to the above) Faster than TCP
Used when speed is not critical Used in games and applications where speed(time) is critical
Examples include SMTP, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, etc Examples include DNS, TFTP, RIP, VoIP, SNMP, etc

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