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Month of September is dedicated to smartphone and other gadget’s,it’s been unofficially called as phone/gadget launching months.This year we have been introduced to Samsung Note3 and Galaxy Gear by Samsung, and Apple launched its most awaited iphone5s and iphone5c .
So,mostly September is about “Who is the best war Between Samsung and Apple” but we should not forget the old king of smartphone market BlackBerry and its very famous Blackberry Messanger (BBM), As we all know Blackberry is loosing its hold on smartphone market and the biggest blew they gave when they introduced BBM to IOS and Android devices.

When we are talking about instant messaging we cant forget to mention  Whatsapp and BBM, lets throw some light on what is the difference between Whatsapp and BBM.



1) Development 

BBM is developed by the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, BlackBerry Limited (formerly known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM),Don’t get confused with Reliance India Mobile)

Whatsapp is developed by Whatsapp Inc owned by two veteran Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum (also the CEO).

2) Operating Platform

Earlier BBM was limited only to BlackBerry Smartphones and was running on BlackBerry OS only, But on 21st September, 2013 they first release for Android and on 22nd September, 2013 IOS version came.

BBM on Android and IOS has been discontinued and have been temporarily removed from both app stores because an unreleased version of BBM for Android was posted on internet it it affected BBM service,and for IOS user it needed to roll down because of server over load.
Android recorded 1.1 million downloads in first 8 hours. It looks like every one want to get their piece of cake as soon as possible.

Whatsapp software is available for AndroidBlackBerry OS,BlackBerry 10iOSSeries 40Symbian (S60), and Windows Phone.

3) Means of communication

BBM communicates over the phone’s Internet connection using the mobile phone network. A wireless LAN (“Wi-Fi“) network connected to the Internet may also be used to send messages, most service providers have a BlackBerry data plan and you can use it to signIn to BBM.

Whatsapp is very open when it comes to connectivity,it can be accessed with any mobile dataplan or over wifi.

4) Mode to connect with people

BBM uses BBM PIN which is unique.earlier this BBM PIn was genrated only by Blackberry devices but from 21st and 22nd Sept2013 it can be gerated from Android and IOS devices too.

Whatsapp uses mobile phone no. of user and automatically access users contacts and matchit with whatsapp database and it let user know how many of their friends are using whatsapp.

5) Cost of service

BBM is Costly if you are going with BlackBerry Data Plan provided by your service provider.BBM works good over fast internet access.

Using Whatsapp will go easy on your pocket as it can be used any data plan, Even it works fine over 2g data plan.

6) Type of Media

BlackBerry Messenger also allows users to send pictures, voicenotes (audio recordings), files, location on a map and a wide selection of emoticons and videocalls (Video call limited to BlackBerry 10 smartphones).

Whatsapp allows user to sendtext message, images, video, and audio media messages.
Whatsapp support messaging,not live calling,

7) Security

BBM is very secure, text send over the network is encrypted and cant me manipulated easily.

WhatsApp communications are not encrypted, and data is sent and received in plaintext, So messages can easily be read if packet traces are available.

8) Cost of Software

BBM is free of cost and you can download it for free whereas Whatsapp is free for 1st year and then you need to pay for nominal yearly subscription.

So, what do you think? BBM or WhatsApp? Leave your opinion below:

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