Data Warehousing: Tutorial 3 [Comparison of Data Warehouse]


In the previous data warehousing tutorial, architecture environment, monitoring of data warehouse, structure of data warehouse and granularity of data warehouse are discussed. In this tutorial, there is a comparison of operational environment with data warehouse system.

1. Difference between Operational environment and data warehouse environment

Operational System Data Warehouse
Data is regularly accessed Data is first loaded and then accessed
Data is manipulated as one record at one time Mass data is loaded or accessed
Data is updated on a regular basis Data is not updated. Data is loaded in snapshots, when changes occur, new snapshot record is written
Key structure may or may not contain an element of time Key structure contains an element of time
Time horizon (time for data found inside data warehouse) is short. [60-90 days] Time horizon is longer[5-10 years]
Used for Transaction Processing Used for Analytical Processing

Developmental Lifecycle: Development of data warehouse is a step by step procedure.

2. Comparison of Operational Development Environment and Data warehouse Development Environment

Oerational Development Environment Data warehouse Development Environment
It is supported by SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle). It is supported by CLDS (Reverse of SDLC). It is based on Spiral Development Methodology.
It is also called as “Water Fall” development approach. It is also called as “Spiral” development methodology.
Requirement->Analysis->Design & Programming->Testing->Integration->Implementation Implementation->Data Integration->Testing->Programming & Design ->Analysis->Requirements
Classic requirement-driven development life cycle Classic data-driven development life cycle
Hardware utilization is static and predictable Hardware utilization follows a binary pattern. Either it is utilized fully or not at all.

3. Comparison of DSS Environment and OLTP Environment

DSS (Decision Support System) Environment OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) Environment
Response time is relaxed. Response time is mission critical.
Response time is calculated from submission time to return time. No Clear time for measuring time of return.

Continue reading the next tutorial for facts and dimensions in data warehouse.


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