Data Warehouse: [Tutorial 9] BI Tools: SAP BI Part 2


In the previous tutorial on SAP BI, we learnt about SAP BW and SAP ERP. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about Logon details for SAP GUI to access the tool.


SAP GUI is the tool used for accessing SAP BI modelling and other work. It can be downloaded from any of the following links free of cost:

Link 1:

Link 2:

One can also download from sap website if one has the username and password details.

Once downloaded and installed, one needs to get access details for SAP Logon. To get details for accessing the SAP Logon free of cost, one can ask for access details from the following link:



After entering the details, click of “execute”, access details would be delivered in the registered email ID.

After registering on this page, one can get user ID and password details.Fill the access details in the below link to get password details.



But the password would be valid for 24 hours only and one has to ask for password daily on the above link.

First Click on Create Icon and then fill the following access details for logging into SAP GUI:


Application Server: dkmgd37

SAProuter-String: /H/

System-ID: E66

System Number: 10

Some Transaction Codes (T Codes)

Transaction codes are nothing but shortcuts to open the screen one wants to work upon. These are some technical names for ABAP programs.

RSA1: Displays Datawarehouse Modelling Workbench

LFA I: Only 6 sessions can be opened (Displays no content)

/ose11: Existing session remains as such and a new session is opened.

/nse38: Terminates existing session and opens a new session

/nap20: Tables and contents of table are displayed

In this tutorial, we learnt about how to get access for SAP BI tool. Continue reading the next tutorial for an introduction to, Informatica,  another BI Tool.


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