Danger! – The WordPress Post Revisions Easter Egg – No Spoilers


If you just saw a “Danger!” message from WordPress (version 2.6 or higher), freaked out, closed the window, searched Google for the error and found this post, then hey – You’re at the right place.

Else, if you’re not the person described above, do not read further, try to find out the Easter egg yourself. As you already know, it’s hidden somewhere in Post Revisions.

Last Chance.. Stop Here.. Just kidding, You need to click on the “Show” Button to see the Spoilers.


[spoiler intro=”Spoiler” title=”How to find the Easter egg”]


As you like. So, if you go to WordPress post revisions for any of your posts and compare the same posts ie-choose the same post revision ie-something like this :




You will then see a blank page (which you usually associate with WordPress errors) with the following :


Which changes to black after the countdown and you get a sort of Matrix Effect – which I’ll leave for you to experience yourself. Again, this is just an Easter egg so you don’t need to worry. Most people don’t realize that it’s actually an Easter egg so it can be pretty confusing. I can’t blame you because I closed my browser soon as the countdown began. If the same thing happened with you, you can now go back and view the whole thing.

[spoiler intro=”Spoiler”]

All you need to do is Edit a Post > See Post Revisions > Compare a Revision with Itself. Have Fun!




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