How To Create A Killer Look For Your Next Office Party


Next Office Party Look

Even a simple looking dress can be made to look glamorous by simply adding the most exquisite jewelry.  For centuries, these pieces of adornments have been used to enhance beauty. But wearing the right one makes all the difference as a wrong piece of jewelry can completely ruin your look. So here are a few things to keep in mind to get that killer look for your office party: 

Pick a Sober Dress

If you want to match your dress with jewelry then the best way is to pick the soberest color you have in your wardrobe. You can match it with jewelry that is either black or white in color. Even a cheerful color like yellow goes well with your sober colored dress. Try to choose a color that is least present in the outfit as that makes it look more coordinated than you think. The current trend is to wear accessories that are in color contrast with the dress to match accordingly and convert your boring dress into something stylish. 

Go for the Minimalistic Look

When it comes to jewelry less is more. Though one may feel that accessorizing will enhance the appearance of the dress and make it look more lively wearing too much does the opposite. It brings unwanted attention as it makes you seem desperate for attention. Moreover, if you are already wearing a nice looking dress, heavy jewelry simply hides it and makes you look gaudy. Also, light fashion jewelry is the norm these days. Check online for ideas and you will get some exquisite locket designs for girls with earrings, simple necklaces, etc which are minimal yet fashionable. 

Mix and Match

Mix and match is the fashion mantra for this season! In fact, this is trending for many seasons now. When you are accessorizing ensure that you mix metals properly. That gives a modern look to any office party dress you wear. Pair rose gold rings with a matching bracelet or a pendant. Diamond and platinum go well when used together. Platinum is versatile and it gels with white gold too. Some of the big no-nos are wearing gold and silver together and so are mixing white with yellow gold. 

Dress according to Occasion

Dressing to occasion is essential, not every accessory fits every occasion. When you are buying jewelry or picking it for an event keep that in mind. If the party is a formal one go for light jewelry that suits the dress you are wearing. If you are out to celebrate with your colleagues in a nightclub then you can wear artistic jewelry on bold clothes. If you are not sure of what to wear, choosing pearls is foolproof as you can’t go wrong with that. 

Go for Jewelry that Matches the Skin Tone

Wear things that compliment your skin tone. You are free to choose any color and play around with it but you may have to choose something that looks good. Experts suggest that fair-skinned people go for light colors and calm tones while dark-skinned should opt for light tone and bright colors. But having said that choose the color that you are comfortable wearing and you feel good wearing it. 

Use One Statement Piece

Use a piece of jewelry as a statement piece like a heavy necklace and use simple ornaments that match it. A pair of studs instead of large earrings should be enough. If you are wearing earrings as a statement piece then go for a designer bracelet instead of wearing a heavy necklace. 

These are some of the things you should follow when you are getting ready for your next party. Apart from the above, remember to wear what enhances your look and boosts your confidence. 
Select diamond necklaces if you are always up for the unconventional and unique. While choosing the necklace, opt for a base metal that is as durable and sturdy as the gemstone without compromising with the beauty. Silver, platinum, and gold are mostly inert metals with luster; they are most commonly used to make diamond necklaces. Such eternal pieces will add sophistication to your attire while not garnering too much attention. Team them up with elegant diamonds- studded pendants. The main advantage of such pendants is that their simplicity and artistry never allow being too sparkly, but render a soft glow. Thus they look elegant as well as exquisite.

Bring out the confidence in your countenance by selecting a proper pair of earrings that are neither too gorgeous nor too plain. Diamond studded earrings are a classic, timeless piece. The touch of a diamond can add a completely new outlook to your daily wear gold earrings. In fact, there are enough gold earrings designs with a price to help you choose your pick.


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