15 Cool Job Titles and Designations for Employees in Your Startup



If you’re a startup, then probably you’re already thinking different and also looking for multiple ways to motiviate employees. One of the effective methods for employee motivation in startups is to reflect the out-of-box thinking of the startup in their employee titles and designations.

Many startups and even larger organizations are moving to “cool” titles to motivate their employees, especially freshers, and improve retention. You might have come across “Data Scientists” and “Sales Wizards”. Here is a list of 15 cool titles for startups (not in any particular order):

1. Warrior
2. Spartan
3. Maven
4. Maestro
5. Connoisseur
6. Jedi
7. Viking
8. Samurai
9. Wizard
10. Trailblazer
11. Veteran
12. Virtuoso
13. Ambassador
14. Scientist
15. Commander


16. Jinn
17. Technologist
18. Warlock
19. Sorcerer
20. Knight

These titles work with almost all fields. Try prefixing them by marketing, sales, content, SEO, Software, or others and choose the best ones for your employees.

Do leave a comment if you would like to add more to the list!


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