Comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4


This November is going to be a neck and neck battle for Sony and Microsoft’s new arrival of Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The E3 few months back has been quite enthralling for people with the duo notching up top places by individual performances. Clearly, gamers won’t find huge differences between these two but the minor differences will suffice you to choose your own favorite.

playstation vs xbox


Release Dates

Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release date has not been announced yet, but they have claimed that both of them will be out till coming November. Though, Xbox One will be launched some days before PlayStation 4.


Value for Money

They have embedded a 1080p Kinect camera in the box. Thus, the price of Xbox One is $499 in U.S., £429 in UK and $599 in Australia.Some people hate the fact that Kinect has been made compulsory along with the Box. If this was to be made an option, the price would be $100 less i.e. @ $399.

PS4 on the other hand is $100 cheaper than Xbox One and does not include PlayStation Eye. PS4 will cost $399 in the U.S., £349 in the U.K., and $549 in Australia. The Eye can be bought separately priced at $58 or $60…not a big issue.


Xbox One PlayStation 4
Console $499 Console $399
3 games $180 PlayStation Eye $60
1 xtra controller $60 3 games $180
Xbox Live Gold (1 year) $60 1 xtra controller $60
PS+ (1 year) $50
Your Wallet’s Weight $799 Your Wallet’s Weight $749

Comparing Consoles

New design of Xbox has been made 10% larger. Reason? A cooling system has been introduced in Xbox One. The common problem in 360 was the overheating and the red ring formation which affected the console deliberately.The weight of the One has remained unchanged – 3 Kgs. The black box is introduced with matte finish replacing old white 360.

PS4 cunningly launched a hologram in January for promotion of its updated version showing an eclipse. This startled the world wondering what changes could be made in the box. However, the weight of console is 2.8Kgs which is slightly lower than Xbox One. It is quite a view as both of the consoles have resemblance of the huge success – PlayStation 2. 






















Comparing Controllers

Smaller the design, larger the enthusiasm. The Xbox logo button on the top has a chrome finish for more eloquent look. Thumbstick has been made 25% smaller too. It has a proprietary port for headphone and  accessory connections. It also consists of a share button.

Contrast to Xbox One controllers, they are bulkier, smoother and heavier. It means better ergonomics and less fatigue. The most astonishing accomplishment this far was their touchpad where you can click and browse over the Internet. Another attribute is their flashing light in the controller’s head. It is used for pioneer tracking of Eye. Green means you are good, Red means you need an elixir for your health. Cool isn’t it! It automatically shifts the split screen with the help of this light according to your sitting positions. A share button is also provided too.













Memory and Graphics

Microsoft features 8GB DDR3 ram with 3GB consumed by OS itself. With all the memory consumption, they guarantee a 5GB allocation for gamers. With 8 cored AMD run CPU, peak GPU throughput counts up to 1.3 TeraFLOPS/s. 500GB storage is provided with “cloud Storage” and “play as you download” feature.

Sony too uses single chip x86 Jaguar AMD which is 8 cored. The 8GB GDDR5 Ram uses 3.5GB for OS and remaining 4.5GB for game. Peak GPU throughput is 1.84FlipFLOPS/s which is much larger than Xbox One. Netflix, Hulu Plus and Game DVR are free access application.


To compare, both the gaming zones support Blu Ray and Ethernet. Xbox’s CPU is faster and PS4’s GPU is faster, this doesn’t mean anything. But PS4 has always been people’s choice because of its value for money and performance. For best performance and optimization, it is recommended to use full HDTVs. Both, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, are designed for best user experience, kill out the previous bugs and update themselves from cameras and touch screens.

In the end, you are already aware of that multimillion question……

My much awaited game that should come in the console…what would it be…Xbox One or PlayStation 4?


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