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Codechef is a platform for budding programmers and yes ofcourse for the skilled ones too to utilise their grey cells and participate in national programming contests. Well if you aren’t that skilled, you can practice some questions from the ‘practice section’ and even discuss your problems with the experts and peers in the ‘discuss’ forum.  The practice problems are available in various levels starting with Easy, Medium, and goes upto Hard and Challenge, you can choose the level according to your comfort.


For those who love ‘data structures’, ‘design/ analysis of algorithms’ and ‘coding’, this is the right platform to implement it. And once you start there’s no stopping because it’s damn interesting!! All spiced up with new challenges, competitions and monthly coding contests giving an optimum exercise to a computer science geek!


And the winners of these contests and challenges are heavily rewarded with fame, cash or some gift hampers. One of the noble purpose of the Codechef community is to prepare the students for the ACM ICPC coding championship. A newly added venture is programming contests and preparation session for school kids, so that they can sharpen their logics at young age and compete with the finest crowd in India.


This website is a must visit for any ‘algorithmic’ geek! Checkout this website at:


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