Chrome OS – Top 10 Apps – 2013


1. Google forms


These are the forms, which you can use to store the data entered by users in your websites. It’ll be saved in your Google docs as excel files. The forms are often used to integrate the details entered, but also for other functionality, including intranet support.


2. Google play music


Music store though yet to launch in many places, got its charm as it is easy to manage the same for Android and you’re Chrome OS. This store has all the latest collection of songs in multiple languages, and gets released on the day; the albums are at the store.


3. Cut the rope


The good charming game, is to be played online, still you can install an offline version of the game (optional) in your Chrome OS. Here feed the wonderful pet, with the cookie, and yes the game takes you ahead in seriously yummy stages. The levels can be increased, as it is easy to complete it.


4. Google play


The play store gets you all the needs, including apps and books, also the electronics goods can be shipped to your door directly from Google using this Play store. The Store is now mainly concentrated on US and UK and now moving towards every country.


5. Gmail


As we commonly know, it is one of the best mail providers in the world. Here, these pins as apps in the Chrome books. The apps still lets you to the normal page, where you get access to this features. Still productivity wise considering leads this app to easily capture this place.


6. Google calendar


Manage your appointments in a easy go, just by just an easy click. This app lets you sync your appointments with the cloud which automatically modifies your availability with all the possible systems, gets your job easier and not much to remember.


7. Google Drive


The Google drive is an online cloud storage drive, which gives you 100GB free storage if you purchase a Chrome book, making it easy to carry your documents to any other system, and can be accessed in any system, using the cloud tools, without the need to carry your personal lap.


8. Evernote web


Here the evernote offline version is still not available, still get your web evernote pinged to your Chrome book bar. You’ll be easily able to get a wonderful access to the documents. Because of the light weight user interface, even the online app gets a light feel of offline version.


9. Weather Window


Raining, Thunders or Sunny, Winters. Open your weather window to get know the weather condition details, in advance, also present weather also. It is an ad supported free app, which loads into your Chrome. This can be pinged as an app, giving you faster access.


10. Mini Ninjas


Ninjas are known for their grafting fight skills, yet adding up more value is the mini. Would like to suggest here that, the mini Ninjas, have the powerful fights with the help of you. This is good game, and can be played for free. The graphic content is way too rich.



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