Choosing the Right Deck Material: What Are Your Options? ( New Jersey Friends)


Sitting on the Southeast side of New York with only a population of around 10,000 residents, Franklin Lakes is no doubt one of the most amazing places in New Jersey. Our borough is not only beautiful but also it is historically rich, boasts epic art and cultural scenes, and has the best education. However, even with all it has to offer, the current, fast-spreading COVID-19 has left most of us with no choice but to stay at home. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend the whole time indoors.

 You can create a little relaxing haven for you and your family within your compound by hiring the best Deck Builders in Franklin Lakes NJ, to help you build or rebuild your deck. But just how do you choose the right decking material? By understanding what each material brings to the table first, below is a detailed review of each. 

Natural Hardwood

If you’re working towards a rustic and sustainable deck design, natural hardwood is an excellent material choice for your project. Most natural hardwoods, for instance, cedar, redwood, cypress, ipe, and tigerwood, have oils and tannins that make them naturally rot and bug resistant. They also provide a level surface, and given that they’re hardwoods, they’re less likely to warp or split. 

However, most natural hardwoods will deal a blow on your wallet as they’re pretty expensive. Also, they require maintenance and are pretty hard to source. 

 Pressure Treated Wood 

Pressure-treated wood is one of the most common decking materials in the market right now. The popularity, however, comes as no surprise as this material in comparison to other decking options, is quite affordable. Pressure-treated wood is also easy to find and install.

Also known as pressure-treated lumber, it is made of natural wood but is treated with chemicals to repel bugs, fungus, and other elements that cause rotting in wood decking. However, it remains subject to cracking and warping and, as such, requires regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. Pressure-treated wood will be an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable decking material for this project. 


Another great decking option to consider before calling your deck builders in Franklin Lakes, NJ, is concrete. It is incredibly versatile, exceptionally durable, and what’s more; it is pretty easy to clean. But like all decking materials, it also has downsides. In this case, it gets hot when it’s sunny, and if you’re looking to add character and make your deck unique, concrete may not be the best choice.


Composites are also pretty popular when it comes to decking materials. This is in large part due to their incredible durability. Since they are made from wood fibers and recyclable plastics, composites do not warp, and neither are they affected by rotting or bugs. Thus, besides durability, composites are hassle-free as they do not require regular sanding or staining like regular wood. They are also available in an array of colors, designs, and textures. However, they are quite expensive, and while they are rot and bug resistant, they tend to grow mold and mildew and also fade over time.


Another excellent material option to consider for your upcoming deck is plastic. As with composites, plastic is also a pretty popular decking material option. Since it is no subject to decay, plastic is also pretty durable. Its maintenance is almost zero, and is 100% stain and crack resistant. It also does not require finishing. You may, however, not find it appealing if you’re working towards a deck with a natural aesthetic. It also tends to be slippery, tends to sag over time, and is also not very pocket-friendly. 

Adding or rebuilding a deck in your home not only adds value to your home but also provides a space where you and your loved ones can socialize and relax over food and drinks. But for you to enjoy this pleasure, you need to choose not only the best material but also reputable and well-established deck builders in Franklin Lakes, NJ.


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