How To Choose Your Digital Marketing Career?


How To Choose Your Digital Marketing Career?

After the Modi government been in rule, our PM has encouraged all the citizens of India to go DIGITAL. Therefore, the digital world is growing on a faster scale and this is the best time to grow your career in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Career Infographic

Infographics on Choosing Digital Marketing as a career

Simple Steps to growth your Career in Digital Marketing –

  • Social Media – Most economical and simplest of all. Many brands now a days are active socially and build their online presence here. It may be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages, Pinterest, YouTube Videos etc. They make channels and build relationships with the customers who are eventually their followers.
  • LinkedIn Profile – Your LinkedIn profile has a strong relevance as there are many professionals and one can connect to target groups and audience on a large scale. It is a professional community, where one can also get updated with their relevant biz updates.
  • Find a Mentor – Seeking mentoring from a prof in  your respective field is very valuable as they can help you from preventing making mistakes and one can also take ideas and advice.
  • Blogging – Without making some money from you blogs, one cannot get motivated to put in the work to required to start making a full time income from your blog. In order to start a blog choose a topic which interests you with this your writing skills and speaking skills will improve and also, your branding and networking will expand. You have the opportunity to become a content writer in Digital Marketing with the writing skills that you will gain.
  • Analytics – Analyzing the work online is the most important thing in Digital Marketing, as it shows the traffic on your blog or website, the leads generated,helps you evaluate your performance and get reports on key facts and figures. This can be done from Google analytics, social media metrics.
  • Online Courses – Having trained or getting yourself certified makes a lot of difference to your resume. Google certification courses, course on basics of digital marketing from, certification courses on adwords etc can create more value to your CV.

Some DM activities and their impacts:

  1. Marketing Automation-20%
  2. Content marketing-18%
  3. Big data-12%
  4. Mobile marketing-9%
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization-9%
  6. Social media marketing-5%
  7. Search Engine Optimization-5
  8. Online pr-3%
  9. Paid search Marketing-3%
  10. Communities-3%
  11. Internet of things-3%
  12. Affiliate and co marketing-1%
  13. Display inc programmatic-1%

Job Titles in Digital Marketing:

  1. Digital marketing Manager
  2. Marketing MANAGER
  3. Digital marketing specialist
  4. Marketing coordinator
  5. SEO specialist
  6. Web developer
  7. Social media manager
  8. Digital marketing Analyst
  9. Content marketing Manager
  10. Director of marketing
  11. Content strategist
  12. SEO Manager
  13. Paid search Manager
  14. Social media specialist

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