Why censor board needs to grow up?


Censor Board has been in the news for all the wrong reasons; it isn’t surprising to see a lot of sensible movies fall prey to the pointless casualty of the Censor Board. Here are a few circumstances where censor board showed what happens when you stop thinking of movies as an entertainment media and start picturing them as a vehicle of mass propaganda.



The twenty-fourth portion in the James Bond movie series additionally neglected to stay unscathed from Censor Board’s non reasoning ability. The producers were solicited to expel fifty percent of the kissing scenes from the film. The reason given for such a cut was over the top kissing.


The overall blockbuster superhero film, including a soldier of fortune with remarkable mending capacities couldn’t recuperate from the blow that the CBFC hit him with. The film’s core depended on its activity scenes and shrewd amusingness, which were all evacuated or supplanted in the seven cuts that the film got.

Margarita with a Straw

This motion picture investigates the life of a young lady with cerebral paralysis who moves to New York for her further studies and later deals with her eccentric sexuality. In this movie, the 12 second long lesbian kiss assume a vital part of concern for CBFC and was hacked out of the scene.

The Jungle Book

The stimulus behind why Jungle Book is in this rundown must be the most amusing amongst all the movies listed here. Pahlaj Nihalani, the executive of the CBFC said that the wilderness with which the creatures are seizing the group of onlookers in 3D is startling.


The control in regards to this motion picture simply demonstrated what isn’t right with our general public. Aligarh is a motion picture around a teacher from Aligarh Muslim University who was sacked due to his sexual inclinations. The Board gave the trailer of the motion picture an A grade movie declaration, just due to the word homosexuality.

Udta Punjab

In spite of the fact that we’re saying Udta Punjab, it won’t be called that for long. This Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor starred film takes up the issue of drug misuse in Punjab. Initially before even it got released, the film got into inconvenience in light of exclamations utilized as a part of the film. Recently, the CBFC legitimized the adjustment in title since it trusts this is slandering the name of Punjab and which in fact shows how immature our CBFC is.

Angry Indian Goddesses

This motion picture around a gathering of young ladies getting together before one of them is going to get hitched. This one became an obvious reason for talks in public after a melody from the film Dil Dola Re was not cleared by the Censor Board, referring that it can have a multifaceted meaning. The tune is really around a young lady communicating her satisfaction.

But, what makes sense to public doesn’t make any sense to censor board. With world cinema being more accessible and the Indian audience showing way more maturity than before, it is time the board wakes up and smells the coffee.


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