How Can Small Businesses Increase their Sales This Winter?


With its multiple lockdowns and social distancing measures, 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for business in the UK. Larger businesses like Debenhams have already gone under; but it’s smaller ones that are at particular risk of running into problems. 

Let’s look at some of the ways you might bolster your sales during what’s sure to be a long winter.

Offer international delivery

If you’re selling niche, non-perishable goods, then it makes sense to cast your net as widely as possible. That means sending packages across international boundaries. Make sure that you have the necessary expertise in place to ship to foreign territories while accounting for your tax obligations. The more countries you can ship to, the more customers you’ll be able to sell to.

Leverage loyalty schemes

Your loyalty schemes will not only help you to incentivize sales – they’ll also allow you to build relationships with your customers, and obtain valuable insights into what they want, and what kinds of marketing are likely to resonate with them. You can persuade customers to sign up to a loyalty scheme by offering the right incentives – discounts and prize draws tend to be effective.

Make the customer feel extra special

You can create lasting bonds with your customers by making the packages you send them feel that little bit more personal. Hand-written notes, extra treats and goodies, prompt delivery, and specialised packaging will all contribute to a feeling of goodwill that’ll lead to repeat sales in the future.

Have an FAQ Page

Among the biggest frustrations for those shopping online is an inability to find the information that they’re looking for. Consequently, the FAQ section of a website is a valuable opportunity to pre-empt questions, and thereby remove barriers to sale. 

Get Google Reviews

You might have seen those television adverts with Anthony Joshua, which aim to persuade people to leave a Google review for their favorite local businesses. These kinds of endorsements can help to drive traffic to your site, and, ultimately, sales. Getting them can be as simple as asking happy customers to leave a positive review.

Offer discount codes

Personalized discount codes, emailed to specific customers, can help to generate goodwill and that all-important Fear of Missing Out. Make sure that your offers are time-limited, and you’ll give customers that are hesitating that nudge they need to finally make the decision.


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