What to Do When Your Business is Outgrowing Your Garage


Growing your startup is an amazing feat. As an entrepreneur, running your product-based business out of your garage is a financially-savvy move that’s also highly convenient. But as your business grows, you’ll face an interesting challenge: it’s time to move out of the home and give your company the breathing room it needs to grow. 

We’ve all heard of the garage success stories, but one thing those success stories had in common was that they all eventually expanded into different spaces. If you’re packaging products and maneuvering around boxes in your home, it’s to re-evaluate. Here’s what you need to do when you think your business is outgrowing your garage or home: 

Analyze the Signs

In the beginning, running your business out of your home might seem like the most logical decision. After all, you’re saving plenty of money by offsetting some of your expenses. Because of the benefits, it’s natural for you to try to maximize the amount of time you can spend working from your home. 

However, it’s important for you to understand the signs that illustrate it’s time for you to expand. If you find yourself needing to hire more people, experiencing difficulty concentrating, are growing rapidly, and running out of space to hold your product, it’s time to move a bit out of your comfort zone. 

Hunt for a Warehouse Space

If your primary goal is to store your products efficiently, a warehouse space just might be the solution for you. Warehouse space can help you manage large scale production, and because you’re able to store your products in a warehouse for long periods of time, it’s great for seasonal products, too. 

Compare this to a distribution center, which has more strict regulations on how long you can hold products in the space. Renting a warehouse space also helps you benefit from third-party logistics and a sophisticated warehouse management system. Outsourcing your logistical operation can support your business growth from an economic standpoint. Lastly, with warehouse space, you can expand globally or enter new markets without spending too much capital on facility space. 

Opt for a Temporary Structure

While you’re on the hunt for warehouse space, in the process of building your own manufacturing space or waiting to solidify a distribution company, you can benefit greatly from using temporary structures. Temporary structures are great solutions for businesses in the expansion phase; these customizable tent-like structures can be installed quickly, are cost-efficient, and very strong and durable. Depending on your needs, you’ll find that installing a temporary structure on your land as you wait for a more permanent option can be a financially-savvy answer to your growth complications.  

Work With a Distribution Company

A distributor is one of the best ways to expand your business. Typically, retail orders are shipped from a distribution center versus a warehouse and are equipped with the latest technology for streamlined transportation management, order processing, and much more. 

A distribution company can handle many aspects of your business needs, from shipping to selling. They not only stock your products, but also a variety of other value-adding services like order fulfillment, docking, and packaging. Distribution centers are also customer-focused and help bridge the gap between the customer and the supplier. 

By working with a professional distributor, you can better leverage the expertise of trained customer service teams—this can save you the costs of hiring your own in-house customer service team. And lastly, you’ll have the physical space to store your products and benefit from wider distribution channels. 


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