“Growth Hacking Twitter for Businesses”- Workshop by Mapplinks Academy


ght workshop

The startup scene in India is booming. The ecosystem has never been more conductive for new businesses. Every single day we come across inspiring stories of entrepreneurs. But, there’s a dark side to this story too. For every entrepreneur who secures a hefty funding, there are a hundred others who close down their shops owing to lack of funds. For every funded start-up that emerges as a business, there are a dozen others who fail to make profits and eventually shut down.

Of course there are multiple reasons which lead to this, but the lack of knowledge on Growth Hacking is widely accepted as one of the biggest culprits. Unlike the Silicon Valley start-ups, a lot of Indian start-ups rarely go beyond their staple Digital Marketing. Fortunately some are waking up to this problem and moving in to bring in a real change. Rishabh Dev, Director of Mapplinks, one of the top Growth Hackers in India has been conducting hands-on workshops and boot camps on Growth Hacking in Bangalore.

“Contrary to the popular notion, Growth Hacking is not the antithesis of Digital Marketing; It is the evolution of Digital Marketing.”- says Rishabh Dev. “One of the biggest insights we have got after working with hundreds of Startups at Mapplinks, is that bootstrapped companies really struggle to figure out cost-effective avenues for rapid expansion. A well-structured knowledge of Growth Hacking goes a long way to solve this problem.”, adds Rishabh during the launch of the Growth Hacking United, a community website for Growth Hacking Enthusiasts in India. Rishabh is also shortlisting applicants for the first batch of Certified Growth Hackers in India for his new venture, The Growth Hacking Institute – India’s first Growth Hacking Academy.

Early next month Rishabh and his team are organizing a 2 day workshop on “Growth Hacking Twitter for Businesses on a Zero Budget” at GreenBubbles startup services, HSR Layout, Bangalore. “In this workshop, startups and businesses will get hands-on training on how to harness the true potential of Twitter to accelerate business growth”, says Rishabh. “Apart from leveraging on Influencer Marketing to tap into the vast pool of early adopters in Twitter, startups will also learn to create a robust and scalable lead generation pipeline using Twitter without spending a huge amount of money”, he continues.

This definitely is a good step in the right direction. “Startups will have a lot of valuable takeaways from this workshop”, believes Debarati Banerjee, Trainer and Digital Strategist at Mapplinks Academy. Bhrigu Mohanty, Growth Marketer at Mapplinks also adds, “No prior knowledge in Growth Hacking or Digital Marketing is a prerequisite to attend this workshop. We have kept the structure entry level and really effective at the same time.”

If you are interested in learning the tricks of the trade, head on to the Mapplinks Academy website for further details.


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