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YouTube has been the revelation of the decade in many ways for the internet community. Rendering services to the world by providing free streaming of videos online, YouTube has been the top video site named by most people. The universality of YouTube makes things easier for people to access, upload, and share their experiences. The ubiquity of the Internet boom in the past 2 decades has also made the access simpler, convenient and easier. Let’s now see the inner features of YouTube, and analyze why it is so useful, intricate, and maybe in a few ways, not that useful. This article is an introduction to YouTube for Beginners.


introduction to youtube for beginners




YouTube has a lot of cool features as compared to its other competitors, namely Metacafe, Dailymotion, and the rest. Since it is a Google product, anyone who has a Gmail id can synchronize their YouTube account and start uploading and sharing videos. There are some specific terms used in YouTube, such as a channel, playlist and subscriptions.

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A channel is basically created as a hub of videos deposited by the user profile. It could be any set of videos without any similarity with each other. On the other hand, a playlist is a list of connected videos, maybe sequential in nature or of the same genre.


introduction to youtube for beginners3

Any user can like/dislike, or subscribe to any video of his/her interest. YouTube has an amazing Recommending Systems Technology and always lists an array of related videos which you might be interested in watching, based on the presumption that you are watching the current video. This recommending system is intricately made to suit a variety of user choices and is very effective for most users.

YouTube has already amassed a huge popularity all over the world. Any new video is always posted on YouTube and is way ahead of its competitors. However, there are some things which you can’t do, for example, zooming a video online on YouTube, editing it, and so on. Though that might be the next revelation, you never know! However, people still find a problem with YouTube – it doesn’t offer a way to download the videos directly. To tackle this problem, there are a number of third-part software / tools you could use. Visit this links below for our other posts about YouTube:



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