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Although I don’t discriminate between different types of music, I love every kind of music, be it rock, classical, retro, lo-fi, party music, or ghazal. Still, different kinds of music have different effects on us. You would have probably seen people at the gym prefer some particular type of music whereas people in a cafe will prefer something else. Also, people while studying choose a particular kind of music and I like a particular type of music while writing blogs and articles.

If you love listening to music, then you should also know how powerful it is. All you need is to select the right kind of music for you and you are all set. Music has been proven to help boost productivity. It can be a great way to get in the zone and focus on the task. The type of music you listen to is important for your productivity. You are at the right place as this blog will guide you in selecting your type of music.

Why do you need music?

Music is therapy. Have you heard about the brain-music connection? There is some connection between music and your brain which helps you enhance your skills and productivity. It is proven by research that when you are listening to good music that gives you chills, your brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is a kind of naturally occurring happy chemical that we receive as a part of our reward system. Listening to various types of music can help reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and pain. On the other hand, it will improve your mood, sleep quality, thinking ability, awareness, and memory.

types of music

What is your type?

Some people prefer listening to upbeat music while others prefer calm, instrumental music. The key is finding what works best for you and then sticking with it! The best type of music for your productivity depends on what you are doing. You may also find that in different situations, your preferences will be different. Selecting the right types of music will just help you boost your productivity. For instance, you would want some type of music but on the other hand, your friend would prefer other types of music. This happens mostly when I go to a club with my friends.

How often do you need it?

Music has been proven to have many benefits for the human brain. It can boost creativity and make you more productive. Music is the medicine that can heal every pain if taken in the right amount. Some people need it more often but some prefer listening at some particular time. For example, I need music even when I am going to sleep but some may prefer complete silence. It is all about your needs and requirements. 

After knowing this, let’s see which music would help you to increase your productivity in which way.

First of all, it is important to find music that is not too distracting but will still help you get into a productive mood. There are many different types of music. Here are some of the types of music that can enhance your performance and make you more efficient:


motivational - types of music

Ever felt too low to do something? Then you should listen to motivational music. You are going to see a change in your mood. Motivational music is best when doing a workout or hitting the gym. Not only this, but I have even seen people listening to motivational songs for studying. This type of music increases energy levels and can make you feel more excited about your work.


When it’s a very boring day, cheer up your mood by listening to some upbeat music. There is a wide collection of playlists of upbeat music to select from. Upbeat music is fast and often sounds happy. Hip-hop music is also an upbeat music style. This type of music is generally suitable for parties, weddings, and celebrations. These songs help to boost your mood and forget all your worries. 


Classical music is generally of two types: Indian classical and Western classical. Indian classical music is made with tabla, harmonium, tanpura, and other Indian instruments. This music is even considered the best music to hear for increasing productivity. It is even considered the purest form of music. I love to hear classical music before long study or work hours. This music heals your mind and improves your concentration.

classical - types of music


I would rather call it gen-z music. Lo-fi is used as a short form for low fidelity. It is getting very popular among the young population. You can find many playlists on YouTube and views are in millions. Lo-fi music is best for studying, working or just relaxing. Every piece of music works like a medicine and lo-fi music is something that I prefer while sleeping. This music helps you reduce distractions and feel calm, which will also help you focus on your work.

EDM and Techno

EDM is dance music that is created by using electronic instruments. Like upbeat and other dance music that is created by using live instruments, EDM is a short form of electronic dance music as it uses only electronic musical instruments. It uses instruments that are mainly synthesizers, keyboards, drum machines, and samplers. Techno-music is also a part of EDM music. This music strengthens those parts of the brain that are responsible for positive emotions. Emotions like cheerfulness, happiness, excitement, and delight are increased. It also helps in relieving pain.


Pop music means popular music. The term pop includes all kinds of genres such as rap, country, rock, jazz, etc. They have a good rhythm, and catchy melodies and they are easy to remember and sing along with. These songs are easy to remember and murmur around so they are called popular or pop music. Listen to pop music while you study new things. Pop music also helps you enhance your creative abilities. So whenever you are doing something that needs creativity, try going for some pop music. Here is a playlist of my all-time favourite pop music.

Indie Pop

Indie in indie pop music means independent. Indie pop music combines guitar and the DIY aesthetic to create magic. It has melodic, lighthearted and straightforward songwriting. I would suggest you go for high-paced compositions. Research says that listening to indie pop might help you improve your productivity by up to 10%. It also does help people feel less anxious. You can check out the Top 10 Fusion Songs of Coke Studio India.

types of music


Jazz causes many positive effects and is a major tension and stress reliever. The characteristics of jazz music include irregular beats, use of improvisation, complex chords, call-and-response vocals and swing and blue notes. Jazz music activates your alpha brain waves which help in reducing anxiety and boosting your calmness, thus, giving you better sleep quality.


The word retro refers to something from the past. These songs give a chill and relaxed vibe. Retro music also lets you help in recollecting old memories. There is a different feel in retro music and it’s one of my favourite types. When you need a break from your present, put on your headphones, close your eyes and feel the magic of retro music. It is also called “unsentimental nostalgia” recalling modern forms that are no longer current. You should listen to this retro playlist of Old Hindi Songs on Youtube. 


Now there will be different devotional songs based on the religion of a person. But be it any religion, devotional songs are equally effective for all. The purpose of devotional music is to strengthen the effect and power of the words or lyrics that are being sung. Music has the power of piercing into the deep parts of our souls. In the Hindu religion, they are called bhajans. Devotional songs make you feel blessed and give you positive vibes and energy. 

types of music

Music has so many benefits that you will really feel it within you. Who would not like to be more productive? And if you can be productive by listening to music, then it is a win-win situation. Now you know how you can bring out the best in yourself through these types of music.

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