10 Bollywood Movies with plots twisted AF


Suspense hasn’t always been Bollywood movies forte and we have always been more inclined towards romance, larger than life grandeur, off limit action, and comedy movies. However, there are some movies that out did themselves and brought an experience to the Indian audience that deserves a mention for sure. Here is a list of movies that has crazy twisted plots and that will keep you guessing and scratching your head till the very end.



A group of people win a trip to an island on a chartered plane, however, the plane abandons them and they are stranded on an island. They stumble across a huge mansion where the butler is waiting for their arrival. Then one by one they die, they have nowhere to escape and no one to trust. The story unfolds with a number a turns and twists along the way.



Governor Jaisingh Sinha is murdered and all fingers are pointed towards his estranged son. A series of events forces everyone to believe that he is the killer, he has no way out but to prove his innocence and find the real culprit.



One of the finest works of Ram Gopal Verma in what seems like forever, the movie revolves around a girl who is home alone when she watches the news of a serial killer being on the loose. The doorbell rings and soon she is accompanied by two strangers in the house. The movie twists and ends in a way you NEVER expect.



A newly married couple moves to Switzerland and is befriended by the couple next door. They have a great time and enjoy each other’s company when one day Raj wakes up in his neighbors’ house where Sonia is dead. He is the obvious murderer until he flies the authorities to prove his innocence.



A conman gets dumped by his girlfriend, when he also discovers that he is suffering from a fatal disease. He decides to do good in his final days by helping his apprentice Dittu, however the movie ends as a twisted tale and leaves audience pleasantly shocked.



Ranvir and Rajiv are two brothers who despise each other owing to a series of events and now want to kill one another. Everything is fair in love and war, this movies’ plot definitely follows the mantra. It is a typical Abbas-Mustan directorial venture that will keep you hooked till the very end.

Karthik calling Karthik


A loner has accepted defeat in life and gives in to the image of a loser, until one day when he receives a mysterious call. The call turns his life upside down as he starts climbing up the ladder of success, and also wins the heart of his co-worker he has had a crush on for the longest time. The caller is a mystery though that you definitely want to solve.

Bhool Bhulaiya


US based Siddharth visits his family back home with his new wife, and insists on staying in the ancestral home, laughing off family members’ warnings of supernatural events occurring in the house. Soon enough weird things start happening around the house and his beliefs are questioned. He then calls his doctor friend who solves the mystery in his own quirky manner.



Inspector Surjan Shekawat is dealing with the traumatic impact his young sons’ death has had on him when he gets called onto a murder case. As the case unfolds he finds himself drawn to a prostitute named Rosie, and soon the case becomes intertwined with his own mental turmoil leaving audiences guessing till the end.



A common man finds himself in the middle of a complex conspiracy as he tries to protect his family from the adverse handlings of law. The movie is definitely a splendid piece of cinema with brilliant acting. A must watch for anyone who hasn’t found time for it yet.



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