Bollards And How They Are Taking Over The Security Space


Interestingly, people tend to be more tempted to enter places and spaces they shouldn’t. Thus, it makes a lot of sense to take extra precautions against unapproved access by people, vehicles, or other unscrupulous elements. Thus you prevent chaos, road traffic accidents, or destruction of property. 

When it comes to traffic safety, the use of steel pipe bollards has been saving lives and property for decades. By reading this post, you will get all the handy information you need to know about these safety installations and how they work.

What Are Bollards? 

Bollards are vertical posts, boundary markers, or protective barriers used to mark out an area where access is restricted clearly. 

They are commonly used to direct the flow of vehicular traffic, to block off the passage of vehicles or people from reserved gardens and storefronts. Bollards find general application in barricading spaces that require restricted access. They can be fixed, removable, collapsible, or temporal.

Bollards are designed to withstand high impact and in fact, damage the trespassing element such as a vehicle on impact. In modern times, people deploy bollards in most government buildings and places holding special valuables. 

Such high-risk buildings also include banks or public centers prone to terrorist attacks such as crash bombing. The list extends to residential buildings as well. More recently, bollards are being used to create visual effects and landscaping for buildings and parks. 

What Are They Made of? 

You can make Bollards with a variety of materials. Manufacturers make a crash rated cable fence, which is a form of bollard with steel pipes, with high tensile strength. 

Other materials used for making bollards include cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, aluminum, polyurethane, concrete, treated wood, and even plastic.

Bollards for Traffic Safety

Bollards are used to direct the flow of traffic by providing a clear line of sight and for protecting pedestrians. The use of a crash-rated cable fence has been a life-saver in many cities. People attribute this fine quality to their efficient prevention of accidental crashing into pedestrians walking on sidewalks, riding on bike lanes, or lounging in parks or gardens. They are particularly useful in this regard when deployed in conjunction with other traffic safety devices like speed bumps. 

They have also scored tremendous success for ensuring that drivers do not evade traffic management procedures such as security checks. You can use lighted bollards for the dual function of beautifying a city as well as protecting pedestrians. You can also look at some exciting Solar-paneled options.

Parking Bollards

You mostly find bollards in parking lots. They are used to prevent traffic overspill and to create adequate space for pedestrian traffic.

Pedestrian Bollards

These are mainly used with chains to prevent pedestrians from straying into reserved areas such as gardens or even straying from sidewalks unto moving vehicles. They can also be used indoors to maintain the sanctity of queues, especially in banks. 

In conclusion, we will not fail to note that bollards make society orderly and save municipal funds. People sometimes needlessly spend such funds on human controls, which will not even be close in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

In conclusion, we will not fail to note that bollards make society orderly and save municipal funds. Such funds would have been needlessly spent on human controls, which will not be as effective.


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