Blow the business bassoon aloud


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Namrata Kumari
B.Tech in Computer Science

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A population of 1.27 billion of course itself is a great challenge for a business start up. Apart from billions of budding businesses, this whopping population opens up a large market for the business musketeers.

The ‘Jack of all’ style of business in India:

At the frontier stand the big business tycoons, but have you ever noticed the style of business of these moneymakers? Moneymaking as the prime goal they are playing with salt to steel, soap to services. These giant business icons no doubt have star ideas of money accumulation but they lack in ideas to generate innovative intellectual property in India and bring it at the first place in entrepreneurship and economy. Why don’t we know of a Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in India, not just the wealthiest but the brightest entrepreneurs of the world? They are not the destiny’s children but the uncommon among the commons who shone up with their fresh innovative ideas that cost billions. Most of the successful Indian entrepreneurs had the arena already set for their show, and they stretched out their empire by the means of money and power. But then where is creativity, where is the will to think out of the league?

Innovative minds, are we?

No matter whether you are a school kid or an undergraduate, if you have brilliant ideas then you don’t need money but a bang. Investors hunt for ideas which our country seems to be scarce of. And then creeps in between the great socio-economic problems of the corrupt India. The lack of innovation and research proves to be the major bottleneck for the economic development of India. The top technical institutes in India haven’t done much in the field of research while they claim to be the best in the country are lagging far behind in the world chart.

Are Indians just good employees?

We are not labors but then we need to come up with ideas and reforms to pave the path to bring them through. Society should embrace the innovative ideas. Government, educating bodies, leading business houses, investors, students and all of us need to think of it with utter seriousness.
Today, employers are not heirs of the money men but the fathers of innovation. The iconic entrepreneurial development has changed the demography of the business world. Thus, rests with us the power to decide what place we want, one of the slaves or that of the leader.


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  1. nice article.but then we cannot undermine their capabilities as they are managing a billion dollar company and making profits.i just wanted to know even you want to “Blow the business bassoon aloud” or be the change in the article

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