Best Place to Get 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Online


Project Management Professional (PMP) based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge is an internationally recognized, premier credential that is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Government, private, commercial, and other reputed organizations from multiple industries employ PMP professionals with the objective to enhance the quality and success rates of their projects. PMP is amongst the most sought-after designation in the global market. It improves your career prospects and scopes significantly.

Just like any advanced certification, PMP has certain prerequisites. Completion of 35 hours of PMP training online before putting forth the application is one of the criteria. These may cover topics such as integration management, project quality, risk management, etc. A candidate is required to document the education in order to be eligible for the certification and exam.

35 Contact Hours of Online Training

You can get access to the Project Management Professional Handbook from the internet. It clearly states everything you need to know about the 35 hours of contact training on page number 8. A brief summary of it is:

  • The training must cover 35 hours of learning, at least.
  • The time is duration is measured in ‘hours of specific instruction
  • The learning must be formal in nature

What do you need to know before applying?

  • Time Requirement: A widespread misapprehension pertaining to the educational hours required is that you have to cover the 35 hours of formal training under one course. This is not true. You can engage in multiple courses to complete the 35 hours.
  • Formal Training: Self-studying PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) doesn’t make you eligible for PMP training. A national training provider, a college, or a university, an online training business, a local firm or any other reputable vendor are accepted as a formal training provider.
  • Subject Material: That course that you undertake must cover project management topics such as project quality, project integration management, project risk, project schedule, project scope, project communications, project procurement, and the project budget.
  • Authoritative Documentation: Ensure that you present everything that is needed to support your application. It is very essential to document the 35 hours of formal education. A candidate must be able to provide evidence for the same. These may include the course syllabus, certification, test results, course descriptions, and transcripts.
  • Validity: There is no such instruction that dictates the validity of the 35 hours of formal education. That means, once completed, the contact hours won’t expire. So, it doesn’t matter when you finished the training.
  • Decomposition Technique: Many project management professionals that are already engaged in employment find it difficult to meet the 35 contact hours of online training due to time constraints. This is so because it requires one to set aside time for 15 lectures that are 2.5 hours long, each. An alternative is a 4-day boot camp. In the fast-paced lifestyle of a modern project manager aspirant, it is not easy to manage the same. Bearing this in mind, the Project Management Institute (PMI) has come up with a decomposition technique that allows you to break down the 35 contact hours into manageable sessions of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Types of Remote Education: At present, there are two kinds of remote education, namely, online video sessions, and podcast lessons. For the latter, please make sure that the podcast provider is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) since no face-to-face session is going to take place.

What to Consider While Looking for 35 Hours of Contact Training?

Numerous online education providers offer Project Management Professional designation as it is a globally acclaimed, and a premier credential. There are many things to keep in mind while looking for a professional one. To get the right one, you need to be cognizant of the following-

  • Start from the Base

Studying online means you need to look for PMP certification course where every requirement meets at golden standards and that should further help you endorse your project management knowledge and skills allowing you to achieve strategic and business information thoroughly.

  • PMI Member

A PMP exam can be cleared in the first attempt or may take 2-3 chances. But, you don’t need to feel demotivated. A reputed online platform would always make you become a PMI member. Through this, you can avail amazing discounts on the cost of your PMP exam along with access to the PMBOK guide.

  • Sample Practice Paper for PMP Exam

Practicing previous years question paper would help you know the level of your preparation. Get registered yourself to the PMP exam study’s portal that offers more than 1000 practice questions and makes you aware of the PMP’s latest updates.

  • Cater the Needs of Every Aspirant

Your platform for PMP certification training should provide you with many benefits. These advantages should be meaningful and apt in order to fulfill the need of every aspirant. It’s better if you are able to enroll in your training program with proper access to 35 hours of classroom program training and e-learning for 90 days with free access.

  • Professional Assistance

Applying for PMP exam seems complicated, sometimes. Opting for PMP training online should help you prevent from such fret and provide you with assistance in filling up your application for PMP exam hassle-free. The aim is to submitting your form via Pearson VUE and selecting your exam center to give your exam.

Perhaps the best place to prepare for the Project Management Professional designation is online. The online platform is not only cheaper than classroom training sessions but also has the advantage of being accessed from anywhere at any time. The above-mentioned online providers are your best bet. However, there are numerous other REMs that may be opted for. Make sure the course undertaken is structured. That is to say, it is logically organized into lessons or modules. Structured learning is the most effective way to absorb the course material and ideas. Completing 35 contact hours of formal education under the leadership of Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) offers guaranteed success and skyrocketing career growth.



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