The Best of Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore


It’s that time of the year again! The Sunday Soul Sante is back in Bangalore. For the uninitiated, the Sunday Soul Sante is a biannual flea market set up in Manpho Spectrum featuring hundreds of stalls, focusing on fashion, handicrafts, innovative products, pottery, pet supplies, gift items, curios, and more. Apart from being a shopper’s’ paradise, there’s the lip-smacking food and the soul-stirring blues bands to add to the easy-going vibe. We can safely say that the Sante is an integral part of Bangalore’s culture now! This time around, there were almost 200 stalls with a mind-boggling array of products. We decided to move around and choose our favorites of the hundreds of brands and creative entrepreneurs in this year’s Sante.

Bheemstyx by Bheem


What is Bheemstyx?
Beautifully painted wooden sticks!
Why do we love it?
Yeah, we know it sounds way to simple. But, you have to see it to believe it. Every single Bheemstyx is unique and an amazing collectible. As the charismatic “Chief-Optimist” of Bheemstyx, Mr. Bheem puts it, “The Bheemstyx can be used for Jogging, Walking, Trekking, Climbing, Walking the Dog, …”. Phew, we are going to buy one just in case there is a Zombie Apocalypse. The Bheemstyx look sturdy enough apart from being super gorgeous.

Melach by Farhine

What is Melach?
Footwear, Headwear, and Fashion for Men.
Why do we love it?
Just when the men were feeling left out for the lack of many options for premium men’s labels in The Sante, we came across Melach by Farhine. This awesome designer from Mumbai has a classy collection of men’s wear. Melach’s line proved a testimony that men’s clothes don’t have to take shape in gaudy Pantone colors to be termed as casual. Drop those message tees and chinos and, grab a suave outfit from Melach and walk into the next Sunday brunch looking like an Italian hitman.

Dots to Lines by Aditi


What is Dots to Lines?
Handcrafted home decor.
Why do we love it?
We will be honest. Words do no justice to the beauty and character of the designs by Dots to Lines. This mother-daughter duo design beautiful handcrafted decor items like jewelry boxes, photo frames, wall clocks, coasters, and more. Every single design has its unique character and distinguishing factor. Any product from Dots to Lines is not just a home decor item but a truly unique piece of art.

EDEM by Sandesh


What is EDEM?
Custom 3D Printed Accessories.
Why do we love it?
Sandesh is one of the first guys in India to do 3D printing directly for the consumer. It would be sheer blasphemy to describe what kind of accessories they print. We saw everything from customized dog collars, flower vases, and keychains to funky looking headphone organizers and mobile stands. Every single item is unique and personalized. What’s more? If you have your own STL and VRML files, these guys would be happy to print them for you!

AHA Stuff by Sam

aha stuff

What is AHA Stuff?
Notebooks from Heaven.
Why do we love it?
Is flipping open a brown craft paper cover and jotting down your thoughts on the gently bumped natural ivory pages while enjoying the rustic smell of your notebook your second favorite thing in the word? (Well, we know what your first favorite is). Then, the amazingly designed notebooks from AHA Stuff are the stuff to kill for. The notebooks even come with illustrations and stories once in every few pages. So, the next time you are writing down that B-Plan, you can get your fair deal of zen every now and then by encountering Woofi – The Buddha dog, in the midst of the pages.

Lovetreats by Bala and Ote


What is Lovetreats?
Sex Toys (No Kidding. Seriously. We Swear)
Why do we love it?
They have to be the most unique, outrageous and fun stall in the Sante this year. Lovetreats is place to be, if you want to buy some sex toys or as Bala and Ote like to put it, Intimate Lifestyle Products. Terming Lovetreats as a sex toys company will be an understatement though. They have a massive collection of naughty gifts, bath salts, bachelorette party gifts, pheromone-based perfumes and loads of stuff which we probably cannot mention here. BTW, those pheromones do work.

Satee by Mayur


What is Satee?
Handcrafted Bow Ties. Really awesome handcrafted bow ties.
Why do we love it?
To start with, the sheer variety in the collection of bowties was unreal. No matter, what your taste is, Mayur has a bowtie for you. All bow ties are handcrafted with the finest of fabrics. So, the next time you want to attend that party without looking like a pretentious stuck up snob in a plain old boring bow tie, grab one of Satee’s bow ties and wear your character on your sleeve… err… your neck. by Captain Chetan and Captain Niranth


What is
Premium military accessories and equipment for Badasses.
Why do we love it?
There is a very strong and faithful niche in India always on the lookout for authentic premium military themed accessory and equipment. So, two retired officers from Indian Army, Captain Chetan and Captain Niranth run this awesome venture where they source authentic equipment from militaries all across the world. Whether you want to go full Leonardo DiCaprio on a grizzly bear with a khukri or walk into a pub in a camo jacket wooing the ladies looking like an absolute badass, is where you should head to RIGHT NOW!

Crafted Forever by Natasha


What is Crafted Forever?
Customized handmade gifts.
Why do we love it?
Crafted Forever was definitely one of our favorite stalls in this year’s Sante. They had everything from Customized jewelry and personalized stationery to unique cards and even the beloved retro Instagram styles notebooks! Best of all, even after everything being so painstakingly conceived and designed, the curios were affordably priced. So, you know where to head if you need to treat yourself with something so unique!

The Indian Family Sticker by Neetu


What is The Indian Family Sticker?
Desi Bumper Stickers for your Car.
Why do we love it?
First things first. They had the most attractive stall in the Sante. Next, who doesn’t love customized bumper stickers?! They have a wide range of bumper stickers themed around Indian culture and pop culture. Now you can give your car a facelift (or rather an asslift, perhaps.) with these unique bumper stickers. Pretty much all jobs and Indian ethnicities are covered by The Indian Sticker Family.

MakeMyCanvas by Rohaan


What is MakeMyCanvas?
Website to commission photographs into gorgeous paintings.
Why do we love it?
Oh. Let’s face it. Rohaan runs a website where you can upload any photograph, and talented artists paint it on a canvas of your choice. Tell me that does not blow your mind and create a mushroom cloud over your head. All the paintings we saw were flawless, had character, and wore the aura of the meticulous effort and artistry put in creating them. A commissioned painting from MakeMyCanvas deserves the finest real estate on your living room’s wall.

R6 by Rudrakshi

R6 by rudrakshi

What is R6?
Womenswear fashion label by Rudrakshi Johar.
Why do we love it?
In spite of having to divide the attention among dozens of Fashion stalls in the Sante, it was near impossible to miss the elegant urban creations of Rudrakhi Johar, an alumnus of Nanayang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Rudrakhi’s designs, inspired from global trends, have the unique look which transcends runway and street looks seamlessly. Give your wardrobe a surprise. Treat it with an R6!


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