Benefits of Investing in Animated Video Production


Animated Video Production

Business innovation has reached a global space where anyone can see how you market your brand. Instead of relying solely on blogs and articles, people head to video tutorials because they are more comfortable with a visual walkthrough than a written one. The fact that every single social media platform supports video streaming is a bonus.

Try searching for any infographics or informative videos, and the chances are that 8 out of 10 of them will be animated. Many news channels and documentary shows also rely on animated visuals to explain hard-to-grasp concepts.

An animated video can not only make clear what your products and services have to offer but are also a fun and innovative way to showcase your business with creativity. Let’s look at some benefits of investing in animated video production.

Increases Online Presence

The majority of consumers in today’s digital age do their shopping online, so you must be readily noticeable. Animated videos are bound to catch the eye of anyone who’s scrolling through your page.

Boosts Branding

If you have quirky and engaging animated videos, then you are bound to gain a customer base that will keep returning for more. As they watch more of your videos, your brand name and image will get embedded in their heads. This helps push your brand to further heights.

More Information 

On average, people tend to retain information from visual mediums more than they do with text. This is why many infographics and banking videos tend to be animated, as they have to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time. The more users understand your business, the more likely they are to convert.

Social Media

As mentioned earlier, every single social media platform is optimized to buffer and play videos. This is because videos, in general, gain more traffic than static posts. If the video is animated, the traffic increases even more as animation tends to stand out among the millions of user-uploaded videos.


As mentioned previously, social media is optimized to help push videos to users. Now all social media platforms and even some non-social media sites have video streaming enabled. 

All of these sites are optimized for mobile phones. With a significant number of people viewing these sites from their phones, it is a matter of 2 seconds for them to share anything interesting with their contacts. If your video is well-made, then word-of-mouth will make it viral.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential factor in getting your brand’s name out there. If you don’t take every advantage of SEO, then your page rankings will stay low, and you will never feature on the landing page of any SERP.

One of the primary boosts of SEO is keywords, and the good news is that they can be embedded in the video on your website. Search engines have also started favoring websites with sufficient multimedia and consistently push them to SERPs’ top positions.

Animated video production is not restricted only to your marketing. Many Fortune 500 companies use animated videos to help their employees with training and information. With the right agency at your back, animated video production has been proven to have an excellent ROI, so it can’t be considered as a luxurious expense for marketing.


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