Become an Instagram Superhero with The Hashtags Finder Tool


Instagram is an awesome way to share your moments with friends, family, and random followers. While the average Instagrammer might not break his/her head on the engagement on the post, it might be safe to assume that you being a social media enthusiast should be! While there are a lot of ways to get more likes and comments, most methods tend to wander in the borderline unethical territory. Like-For-Like and Like-Farming, though work initially are not scalable solutions. And definitely, they don’t reach out to your target audience or get meaningful engagement. What good is a like by a random bot in your well photographed, post processed and color corrected post about a brand targeting to get some in-segment engagement on Instagram?

The analytics team at Mapplinks analyzed over a million Instagram posts and thousands of hashtags over the past few weeks to solve this problem. The in-house nerdy code-monkeys used the insights from this research to create a simple to use but powerful tool to help you supercharge your Instagram presence. Just browse the 11 categories ranging from Nature and Sports to Animals and Design to add relevant, tried and tested hashtags to give your Instagram Post those well-deserved and relevant engagements. Every category is further divided into subcategories gives you the optimized hashtags for Likes, Comments, Shootouts, Video Views, and Impressions. Whether you want to show off your Pet Pictures or get those Boomerang Loops for your mad Parkour skill, it has a hashtag (or dozens) for that!

So go ahead Check out the forever free to use (and constantly updated) Instagram Hashtags Finder tool to become an Instagram Superhero!



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