Android – Traffic Apps for Indian Users


I do remember days when all vehicles had their FM channel ON just to hear the traffic updates so that they could avoid being held up somewhere. Gone are those days. With smartphone in everyone’s hand, all they wish is to have a peek at their mobile for traffic updates. This has given birth to certain traffic apps in Android. Few are dedicated just for our Indian users.



This free app is currently for Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and is available both in Google play and in Apple store. It estimates the travel time and keeps giving updates about the route taken for travel. Updates also include hold up due to accidents and any other major events. This app works 24*7 and also suggests alternative routes to skip traffic jams.

Blockout Traffic


This is a free app where people can post the traffic blocks they encounter on their way. This app also shows number of people who have posted the same block and time they had posted the block. All one has to do is click on the button “I’M STUCK” to post a block. Motto of this app is “Help others by posting traffic blocks”.  Though this app claims to be first easy traffic app, the recent reviews doesn’t hold it much high. Hope, when they overcome all the initial hurdles this app will be a great one to use in Indian traffic.

Apps just don’t end there. How many times have we come across traffic policemen stopping our vehicle?

Traffic fines India

traffic fines

This app is free and works offline. Currently this app is for Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. This app gives information related to various traffic offences and also gives out the fines associated with them. Next time take your time with your mobile before paying your fine.


These are few apps new in market. Hoping to see more of these in market soon.


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