An Introduction to Vedic Mathematics


The Atharva Veda, the ‘fourth Veda’ is a sacred Hindu text written by The Aryans. It is usually referred to as ‘The Book Of Spell’. It deals with Medicine, Warfare & all other Sciences & has a magical essence to it. Its magical character can be seen in its hymns, rituals & spells which can create, heal, preserve or destroy.

The Atharva Veda, written in 2nd Millennium BC has a more efficient substitute for everything that can be done today and the things we dream of achieving tomorrow. It can cure diseases in a single prayer, it has charms for securing prosperity, to evert the evil, for obtaining a wife, a husband, & even a charm to give birth to a son, a daughter with specific features which corresponds to ‘In vitro fertilization‘ minus its complications. It also has a charm to shrink or extend time, a concept corresponding to ‘Time Travel’ on which we have seen a number of movies & our physicits are still wondering if it is practically possible.

Apart from these, It also includes an amazing mathematical system. This is the system of Vedic Mathematics. It is simply a system of mathematics by the Atharvans, which can change our thoughts, beliefs and the overall scope of mathematics. These days, man has become dependant on all kinds of machines for even his basic routine works. We use the calculator for the very basic calculations we need at home, at school, in the market, at our workplace, and we kill the mathematician who lives inside each one of us.

Instead of describing the science in detail here, I will prefer demonstrating it to you with a few examples. The vedic mathematics system has certain sutras & sub-sutras which are ‘methods’ for various calculations. Here is an example:

A) Squaring numbers ending in 5:


1. Add 1 to the digits that come before the digit 5.(Eg. add 1 to 2 in case of 25 squared)

2. The first part of the answer is the number(consisting of the digits that come before 5)times the number you get be adding 1 to it(here, 2×3=6)

3.The second part of the answer is simply 25.


(35)²->3+1=4, 3×4=12 , therefore answer=>1225

(65)²->6+1=7, 6×7=42 , hence, answer=>4225


B) Multiplying a number by 11:


1. Add the 2-digits of the number together.

2. Place the sum of the two-digits between the 2 digits to get the answer.


21×11->2+1=3, Answer=>231

36×11->3+6=9, Answer=>396

29×11->9+2=11(a 2-digit number, hence, 1 gets carried over), Answer=>319



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