An Introduction to Humanoids


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Srishti Dhawan
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“I see a two-fold role for Indian Science ….it must continue to do what it is best at…improving the lives of the people and contributing the development of India as a strong and vibrant economic power. Simultaneously, Indian science must strive for excellence, which boosts our national self-confidence”.

-Sh. A.B.Vajpayee

Science is collection of knowledge about the natural world. On the other hand technology is the Application of the knowledge in manufacturing things. [Read more on the difference between science and technology] The idea comes through Scientific Knowledge. Both have their optimum contribution towards the progress, welfare and advancement of the society and the humanity. The very concept of the word luxury is attached, with the inventions and discoveries of science. We are all living in the scientific age that has proved an essential benediction for the bright and comfortable future of society. In reality science has revolutionized our life and soul. It has conquered both time and distance which is very evident from the milestones that man has achieved which includes designing fancy airplanes, building rockets and stepping on the moon.

Science is the mirror of logical thinking of human beings and technology is the reflection of life style of the people in this era of modernization. Technology can bring imagination to life and so it blessed us with HUMANOIDS.
Earlier in 2nd century B.C., Hero of Alexander constructed doors, statues, small mechanical animals that could be animated through water, air and steam pressure .Further by 18th century it lead to the invention of mechanical dolls which performed some human like activities. And, at present, robots are no longer mere curiosities but have become an integral part of global industry.

HUMANOIDS = HUMAN (humans) + OIDS (resembling)


This equation implies the robots that act and look like humans. HUMANOIDS will tend to exhibit emotion will make decisions and will develop an highly modernized interaction with the environment. In near future , humanoids will extend their capabilities and will create new behavior using a variety of machine learning techniques. These may prove to be the robot design for an effective communication with the mankind.

Imagination is the blow from which the technology, science and art behind the design of humanoid robotics takes flight. Humanoid bodies will allow them to seamlessly blend into the existing environments of humans. They offer a unique research tool for understanding, analyzing and examining the human brain and body. Androids are the humanoid robots which could perform various human like activities and appearance is also exactly same. Sensors are also used to give the measure of some attribute of the world.


PROPRIOCEPTIVE sensors are used to sense the speed position and orientation of the humanoid’s body and joints. Whereas EXTEROCEPTIVE are the sensors that includes arrays so that it can be used to provide data on every touch. And there are other sound sensors to allow humanoids to hear and act.


Robots are used in various factories as the carry out complex tasks around the clock with great efficiency. A humanoid that steeled the heart of many technophiles is The Terminator enacted by Arnold Schwartsnegger and the heartthrob of the nation Rajnikant enacted in the film Robot that publicized Robots in large. The aim that is successfully achieved was to build something beyond machine automation that is something of its form and function. The Sefer Yezirah (The Book of Creation) tells about how numbers and letters that can be arranged to correlate with the four elements of creation (spirit of God , Ether, water and fire) and provides a template for life itself.


humanoids paper

The perceived disadvantages of humanoid robots are basically due to psychological thinking, that is because of fear of loss of control on machines or the fear that they might exceed over our capabilities. On the contrary it would be easier to interact with the human like machine(s). The major advantage is that humanoid can make themselves compatible with the environment. In nutshell, it can be very well stated that humanoids will prove to be a boon for the mankind.


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