An Alternative to Google: DuckDuckGo!


In over a decade of my friendship with the web, I’ve seen countless number of web search engines. Excite, Yahoo, Altavista, Exalead, Ask, MSN and of course the king of them all: “Google!”. There’s a reason why we call searching on the web, ” Googling”.

Google, from  it’s Silicon Valley roots, expanded all over the world and the web with some of the most sophisticated algorithms to provide information to the searchers. Despite all this web search still is a pain. If I just want to find out the longest river, I’d have to let Google search a Wikipedia page that can answer me. But, what if a search engine can answer your question or solve equations right off the bat? Amazing?

Enter DuckDuckGo! it is now possible.

 A Better Search.

I’m not saying DuckDuckGo is better than google, it’s an alternative. It’s nice to have one, like AMD for Intel. So, DuckDuckGo is not better in any way? Well, It is and that’s what i’m going to cover in this article.


A simple search, “time” turns in the current time in google,

And in DuckDuckGo!

DuckDuckGo is the new approach to search. Sadly for them though, Google is also updating their algorithms and search display, to match DuckDuckGo in every respect. Still, there are areas like specific search ( not popular search) that google just can not employ owing to their ad network.

However, when you are tired of not finding the definitions for that science paper on google, give DuckDuckGo a chance: It’s clean,elegant and free of advertisements.


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