AMOLED, LCD and RETINA Displays in Mobile Phones


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Everyone likes technology and it’s become a culture of technology among people from place to place.

There are so many options on smartphones with all the latest technologies. Phones and tablets are having complete touchscreen interface which is really cool.

The screen of these devices are the most important part of modern day devices. There are several technologies behind these screens but the AMOLED, LCD & RETINA display are the most advanced technology.

If you are reading this article then you are really on the rich content.

Let’s see what’s so exiting about these display-


AMOLED Display

Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode technology is old but it’s recent emergent in the market makes is different form others.Consists of thin layer of organic polymers that light up when connected to electric current. As they have simple construction that’s why they are extremely thin.

Samsung uses super AMOLED screens in Galaxy S II pones, Galaxy S III phones.

Devices with AMOLED display-

You can watch the video for better understanding
LCD Display

Liquid Crystal Display is our part of life from years. LCD screens being used with every computer monitor, TV’s. They are made of liquid crystals, they also need a couple panes of glass and light source. They produces most of the realistic colors.

Devices with LCD screens-

You can watch the video for better understanding
Retinal Display

Developed by Apple to devices and monitors that have a resolution pixel density so high-300 or more pixel  per inch. Iphone 4S in 2011, featured a 960×640 pixel screen with four times the number of pixels (326 pixels per inch) as the iPhone 4.

Devices with Retinal Display-

You can watch video for better understading


So it is clear that technology is in the mind of people and with the emergent of display technology it becomes awesome.

Come out from your home and try one of these then you will get the real touch of these displays.






  1. Since this is article is about mobile displays. It would have been great if you had wrote something about Gorilla Glass. Also Super AMOLED is the one rocking the party now. Mention it would have been great. All in all this is a good article.

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