Alya Red: A computational heart


Being an image technician in the field of medicine can sometimes be related to science fiction, but some of them are actually interesting. When the jury of The American journal and the national science foundation received more than two hundred works done by experts in the field of computer science from over 18 countries, they found it difficult in judging the best of them.

And finally, they announced the best scientific video to an audiovisual that was titled as “Alya Red: A computational heart” The Barcelona supercomputing center and the National supercomputing center presented this work. Declared as the winner of tenth Annual international science and technology visualization challenge, this video is a virtual recreation of the working of a rabbit`s heart.

Credit: Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Guillermo Marin,  Mariano Vázquez, Carlos Tripiana, Guillaume Houzeaux, Fernando M. Cucchietti, Ruth Arís, Pierre Lafortune, and Jazmin Aguado-Sierra.

The video can disappoint some people for its simplicity. The team had scientists, engineers and graphic designers that recreated this virtual model using the data obtained from Magnetic resonance imaging (A medical imaging technique used to visualize detailed structures of the internal body). The math required to create electrical impulses which drives heartbeat consists of almost 10,000 separate processes. However, the team made an electromechanical model and applied it to the heart of a rabbit and came up with the simulation. Based on the histological sections of animal`s heart, the team described the cardiac fiber arrangement

The main purpose of this video is to demonstrate the complex working of heart using supercomputing techniques. The motive of this project is to simulate the working of human heart. This will pave way for studying the myofibril and myocardial contraction in detail. Currently, this team is working on simulating the ventricular models that comes from real geometries.

Linked to high performance computing, this project was intended to help doctors in clinical and pharmaceutical research. Please don’t miss the video. It is one of the amazing videos in the conference. Check it out here.


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