5 Best Alternatives For Youtube


Youtube has seen the limelight over the years posing as the best video sharing site on the web. But as for the increasing demand in video sharing, there are many more sites which have started to offer similar services. To make you familiar with all such services, here are the 5 best alternatives for Youtube.

1) Vimeo

Founded back in 2004, Vimeo has increasingly seen the light of the day. For the basic free account, Vimeo offers storage of 500mb/week and isn’t ad-free. But the site also offers premium accounts Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro for $59.95/year and $199/year respectively. The premium account gives an option for player customization too. They also sport a free video school to help you make better videos and a blog. Many professional artists use this video sharing site as it provides an option to embed videos in HD with much higher quality than that of Youtube.



2) Daily Motion

Daily Motion, a French owned site has become increasingly popular in the recent past. Users can have unlimited storage space and the upload size of each video has been capped at 2 GB and 60 minutes in length, which shouldn’t be a problem. Just like any other video sharing site, Daily Motion also offers embedding options on web pages. But the quality of video once uploaded may prove to be a disappointment.



3) Veoh

Veoh was founded in 2009 by Jon Goldman and Ishey Pnuelli. Veoh offers uploading videos of any length and apparently any format on the site and embed it on other web sites. Veoh also has an android app for mobile devices. The site also offers an option to stream movies and T.V. serials online. But the movie collection isn’t that great yet.


 4) Metacafe

Back in the past, Metacafe was the only other service than Youtube which was used for video sharing. But over the years, it has lost its popularity mainly because of two reasons. First is the video quality and second is the unexpected and untimed failure of the video uploader. This site offers almost the same features as Youtube for its channels and subscriptions. You could give this a try but it possibly won’t be your best.


5) Videojug

One look at the site and here you think is the next Youtube. Videojug offers all the features of Youtube, the video quality is great and the site is beautifully organized. The DIY & Home tab is quite interesting giving you various creative ideas be it on making a photoframe or arranging flowers. It also offers an app for android and iOS. This site is popular as it hosts all the Life-Hack videos.


So clearly Youtube is not the only great site which offers video sharing facility. Get out of the conventional shoe and try something different with the above mentioned services.



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