Top 5 Alternatives To Google Search Engine


Top 5 Alternatives To Google


The word ‘Google’ has become a metaphor for searching something, you ask someone something peculiar and they would simply say ‘Google it’!! I rarely hear the same notions for other search engines!! Do you..??? Well there are many people who don’t even know that other search engines also exist beside Google. Google Search engine is a product of Google Corporation which has other popular products like Gmail, Youtube, Chrome, Google Maps, Google+, Gtalk, Google Drive, GoogleBooks, Google Apps etc. For those Google addictive hands whose first action when they open a web browser is to open Google homepage, let me also add to their knowledge about some alternatives to it, just incase you want to try something different for a change.

                                             I. Yahoo!



Yahoo Search engine is a product of Yahoo Corporation headquartered at Sunnyvale, California. Other products from Yahoo are Ymail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Answers, etc.

It offers services like News, Movies/ celebrity news, Astrology, Cricket, Flickr, Games, Lifestyle and Travel to keep you busy and entertained in form or the other.

Similarity with Google:

1. It also like Google shows the top 10 results related to the query you have typed on the first page and goes upto 10 or more pages, and has the predictive text capability while you are still typing the query/keyword in the search box.
2. Both show the ‘Related searches’ column, in case of yahoo it is on the left side of the search results page and in case of Google it is below the search results.




Difference from Google:

1. One advantage which yahoo has is it can filter data on basis of time: ‘anytime’, ‘past day’,   ‘past week’ or ‘past month’ as can be seen in the pic above.
2. It has all menus and news section right on display and a whole lot of advertisements on the homepage, which makes the site heavier and thus slow to load/open, On the Contrast Google is more focused on its main work i.e. to search. It has a sleek menu at the top of the page, with Gmail, Youtube, Maps and news links on it. Google’s homepage is free from advertisements and therefore quicker to load.
3. One lucrative thing which google uses is: it occasionally changes the normal style in which the word ‘google’ is written in accordance to the theme of the day, a festival or a memorable day which is definitely missing in Yahoo.
4. There is nothing called as ‘Yahoo! Maps’ or ‘Yahoo! Earth’ a product which sells like anything these days due to GPS system while Google Maps and Google earth are 2 very celebrated and useful products from Google.

Google has recently dedicated the right section of its search page to Wikipedia, thus anything you write in the search box, you will see a small Wikipedia snapshot related to the search giving you a brief info about it right there.

                                                   II. Bing



Bing is a product from Microsoft, the leading IT giant, known for products like Operating System –Windows, Windows Phone, Outlook Mail, Skype, Xbox, Office 365 etc.

Bing has a GUI different from Google and Yahoo!. It has a big search box at the top of the page and a small ‘bing’ written on the top-right side of the page and a beautiful background usually landscapes. 

Similarity with Google:
1. It too like Yahoo has a radio button to choose search results only from India(country of your residence) or All.

2. It also has no advertisements on its homepage, in an attempt to keep homepage more clear, focused and quick to load like Google and unlike Yahoo!
3. It has a sleek menu at top giving links to images, videos, maps, news, MSN and
4. It like Google and Yahoo has predictive text option while you still type the search query/keyword and has the ‘Related Searches’ column on the right-bottom side of the search page.

5. Yes it has its own Maps like Google giving minute details of the roads and distances, satellite view and real time traffic.
6. It like Google gives the no. of search results available to the Search query/keyword, however it does not shows the time in which the search result was created for you like in Google. While both these features are absent on Yahoo!.
7. It also has languages option to choose from like Google and unlike Yahoo!.

Differences from Google:

1. It has no predictive text option on the search box on Bing maps while it is there on Google maps, thus an advantage to Google over here.


Neither can it find the other ‘nearby’ options of imp places or food joints clearly indicating its incapability and in-versatility over Google maps.

2. No matter its similarity to Google it is still less popular than Google, especially among the youth.

Both Yahoo! and Bing miss on the Books section, like in Google a dedicated Google Books service is available for reading, reviews and info of its cost on Amazon. Google Docs is also another advantage to Google than its peers! But Yahoo has its News, Lifestyle and Yahoo! Answers section to boast about. Well, for Bing, is that it simply is a Microsoft’s product. As search engines I think all the 3 are equally competitive its just the add-ons which differentiates them, and your choice of search engine actually depends upon the add-ons you are looking for or just following the popularity meter which everyone falls for.

                                                  III. Baidu


It is web search engine company headquartered at Beijing, China and is most popular in china and japan. it has services like maps,news, music, video and a unique ‘know’ and ‘posted it’, Encyclopedia and Library.


Similarity with Google:

1. It also has the voice based search feature like google  and like google and bing it has ‘maps’ feature too.


2. It has ‘related search’ column at the end of the page, above only the page numbers displayed for the search results.
3. has predictive text feature while you still type in your query in the search box.

Difference from Google:

1. its maps are sophisticatedly built where you can search the location of a company, cafe or a city but unlike Google it covers only the area under China, which is clearly shown by marking a boundary around China on the map.


2. It has unique Encyclopedia and Library search options unlike Google, Bing and Yahoo.
3. It exclusively show the phone numbers in the search results where available unlike Google, yahoo and bing, which is definitely an advantage.

                                                                 IV. Ask


Ask is a question-answer focused web search engine headquartered at California. It can search answers to your query in the form of news, images, videos, Q & A, References and Apps.


Similarity with Google:

1. Has a related search column called ‘explore answers about’ right after the first or second search result.
2. has predictive text feature while you still type in your query in the search box.


Differences from Google:

1. No maps feature here.
2. Has an exclusive Q & A service unlike Google, Yahoo and Bing.
3.The homepage has a search box, ‘question of the day’, poll column and few ads, thus unlike google it has a partially filled homepage and thus slower to load than Google.
4. It does not shows the total no. of search results available or the time in seconds taken to return the results to the particular query.

                                            V. Blekko


It is very colorful web search engine which has a homepage as vague as Google with only few pictures below the search box right in the middle of the page.


Similarity with Google:

1. The homepage is free from any advertisement or any other cluttered info just like Google, thus quick to load like Google.
2. It has a predictive text feature for the search and a ‘related search’ column on the right hand side of the search results page.
3. it has voice based search option too like Google


Difference from Google:

1. It fetches results from all genres which can possibly be related to the keyword/query you have typed in the search box,  like in this case, for the keyword ‘apple’ the results which showed up were: quick answer, shopping, recipes, tech, etc.
2. It does not have Maps feature for locating places.


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