Accessibility Features in Android & iOS for the Differently Abled


We always talk about how user friendly a mobile or software is but never how friendly it is to a person who is challenged. Apple iOS and Android are the operating systems of the most used smartphones around the world.  Android, developed by Google has many manufactures whereas iOS is used just for Apple devices. With new updates the currently running versions of OS in smartphones are, iOS 6 and Android Jelly bean 4.2. The new versions have developed few features that would help people with disabilities.

Android jelly bean

With its fast and smooth transitions it helps more in protecting the battery, as it turns down the device CPU when not in use and turns it on instantly when the screen is touched.

What has been added new to help otherwise not a normal user?

Blind users can use the device through gesture mode. The Gesture Mode present in the device allows blind users to interact with the device through gesture and speech. To send a message all they have to do is use the improved voice typing of the Android system. It types out whatever you talk to it.

android gesture-typing



There is a new feature present as gesture typing where you don’t have to lift your finger to type and just have to glide. Once the word is finished and when the finger is lifted space is added automatically.



For the convenience of visually impaired users triple tap on the screen provides full screen magnification so that they can interact with the phone more easily. It is possible to interact with the device even when it’s fully zoomed in.

iOS 6

This Apple iOS doesn’t lag behind android and has introduced few too good features for multiple disable users.

This OS has got features that would help people with multiple disabilities (vision, hearing, mobility).  The feature VoiceOver reads the screen to help blind users. For mobility disabled users, limiting the device to operate with only one app or limiting the touch input to specified area on the screen is possible with this OS. Currently it is working to provide hearing aids “Made for iPhone” to help users with hearing problems.

ios accessibility



The pic shows the guided access that would be helping people with mobility disability.It would soon be releasing guided access which would help users with autism specifically.



Now with these features these smartphones can also be owned by other users. They don’t have to dread, how to use it even though they love these phones. 


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