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E-commerce or online shopping is one of the main features given to us by this technology.

There are numerous sites at your disposal for this purpose like Amazon, Flipkart, Homeshop18. All these come up with new offers every now and then. With festivities coming every now and then- shopping becomes an evitable part of our life.

But what to do when all you want to buy a stuff? Open each and every site for that?

No, just like Google is a search engine for all the information. Buyt is the search engine for the products available online. Just type the category or the product you want to purchase. It will search through the internet and will give you the result in no time.

It has several features like price comparison, choosing from various categories and selecting the price range.

The front page looks like the following snapshot. There is a space where you have to type the phrase or words about your product. It also have some links to popular items at bottom.


After typing the product name or type, it will show you relevant searches.  we can specify the price range and categories that are assembled on the left side of the webpage with feature of selecting from the wide range of brands.


On clicking on the specific items you can see the price comparison table with different sites offering prices or discounted offers. Click on the buyt button and you will be redirected to that online shopping website.


This site also comes with the blog, which in today’s time adds the salt to the recipe. It has accumulated various articles that create the buzz. Sometimes about Green IT, sometimes about search engine, android games and sometimes about the fashion sense.

Just like everything have two sides. There are some positive as well as negative points that they can improve upon.

  • It would benefit customers if they can save their searches for future references. Various promotional coupons that can be availed can also be highlighted
  • They incorporated various sites like Jabong, flipkart, yebhi etc but they still need to add other players like Incorporating this would be more beneficial.
  • Moreover, people these days like to buy items which have a positive review, so adding reviews of products in the Buyt blog will help customers.

Keeping all this aside, it is a search engine for products that can revolutionize the way we shop. Ease of looking at products according to brands, on different websites and categories with price comparison facility are its plus points which can help it in its run.


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