A brand new addition to Whatsapp’s features list


We all use WhatsApp the whole day, don’t we? But how many of us actually noticed the new formatting options added on WhatsApp?

Don’t worry if you are hearing this for the first time, you are probably not alone.

If you are a formatting frenzy person like me then this new WhatsApp feature is sure to give you the much needed happiness. WhatsApp has rolled out the text formatting options including bold, italics and strikethrough in the messages for both iOS and Android platforms.


The basic text formatting was first tested in WhatsApp’s beta channel in March, and they are now rolling it out via official Play Store updates. From what we can see it should be working on any version from v2.12.535 and above.

You can now use these options separately or in combination while messaging your friends on WhatsApp.

Can’t wait to try it out right?!

Here you go –

Go bold : For bold, add asterisks to either side of your text, e.g. *bold*

Tilt with Italics : To italicise, add underscores either side, e.g. _italics_

Strike it out : To strikethrough text add tildes either side, e.g. ~tilde~

It’s also possible to combine the new formats, such as _*bolditalics*_.


With these additions in place WhatsApp is nearing the full-fledged word processing platform, no doubt it’s topping the charts for the best messaging service available.

With the ever increasing users and addition of these supremely helpful features Whatsapp is surely giving the other messaging apps a run for their money.


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