9 Productivity Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without


The mobile industry develops with impressive speed. A decade ago mobile phones were quite big and their functions were limited. Nowadays, however, we have smartphones that are slim, are quick, and allow us to do so many things, from communicating with people to managing finances. Smartphones are connected with the world through internet and various productivity apps. 

productivity apps

Productivity Apps have taken over the world

According to the Statista’s forecast, the total number of mobile app downloads will reach 197 billion in 2017. Impressive, isn’t it? Everyone uses apps these days, especially productivity apps — and if you’re smart and progressive enough, you can use these productivity apps not only to entertain you but to help you get through your college years as well.

So here are 9 productivity apps you should pay special attention to.

1. Pocket

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Most of us fall victims to procrastination these days. Even when we use various apps and website blockers, there’s still a chance to stumble upon something interesting (be it an article or a video) — and find yourself surfing the web mindless half an hour later.

Pocket is an app that can help you overcome this problem. It allows you to bookmark all the content you need to read or watch it later when you’ll have more time. And you can use it not only to avoid procrastination but to become more productive as well — for example, by saving the data needed for your studies, like lists of compare and contrast essay topics.

2. Mint

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Financial management is another challenging thing many students face. Though some students know how to manage their finances well enough by the time they enter college, for too many others the situation is quite different. Even if they did have some pocket money before, learning how to pay for everything, from food to stationery, can be tough.

So if you don’t know where does your money go but are willing to find this out, use the Mint app. It allows you to track your expenses, dividing them into categories, and showing you the results in diagrams. This way it’ll be easier to spot which category takes most of your money — and find a way to save this money.

3. Splitwise

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If you need to split expenses often, you’ll definitely like this app. It allows you to add your friends and split the bills among them, making it easier to pay them. Use it for everything, from restaurant bills to utility ones.

4. Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness

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Working out is great for many reasons. Not only does it help you build the body of your dreams but also actually helps you to perform academically better. Working out improves concentration, increases energy levels… and is often hard to find time more.

But even if you don’t have money for the gym or time for long workouts, you can still train with the help of fitness apps — and this one in particular. It offers you a list of workouts that vary by duration and your physical level and can be easily done at home. It also allows you to connect with other people to get some extra motivation.

5. Scribd

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Don’t have time to go to the library each time a new writing assignment appears? In this case, Scribd can help you. It’s a great online library that gives you access to so many books from all over the world. You can also create your own library there and share it with your friends if you want to.

6. Duolingo

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Taking a language course seems too extra to you? Well, in that case, you can give an appealing foreign language a try with the help of Duolingo. It’s a simple app that allows you to build and strengthen language skills. Though it won’t be enough to master a language brilliantly, it’s still a good way to find out whether you do want to explore a certain language further or not.

7. Friendsy

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College is all about meeting new people — but this doesn’t make the whole socialization process less challenging to some students. If you’re too shy for small talks or simply want to meet new people quickly, you can use the Friendsy app. It is designed to help college students find the other students nearby and works similarly to Tinder: if you like someone, swipe them right, and start a conversation!

8. TripAdvisor

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College is the best time to see the world. If you want to go on a trip nearby or explore the foreign country, use TripAdvisor to find the information about the most interesting restaurants, clubs, and other places worth visiting. It’s one of the best travel apps you can find.

You can also use it to spot nice places in your own city!

9. Clear Todos

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If you try to organize your time, you probably create to-do lists. If you want to organize every aspect of your life or most of them, you probably have too many of those to-do lists.

So if you’re tired of looking for a right one and want to find a way to organize them better, use the Clear Todos app to help you. It allows you to synchronize all of your lists and to keep them in one place, so you can easily access them from any place with a stable Internet connection.

Hopefully, these 9 productivity apps will help you make the most of your college life!

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