8 Small Home Improvement Projects That Are Worth It


When it comes to home DIY projects, the wealth of options out there can feel pretty overwhelming. Plus, depending on your skill level, some can feel pretty impossible to tackle. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your home, but don’t have a lot of experience with power tools or paintbrushes, we’re here with 5 small home improvement projects that are totally doable, and totally worth it. 

Kitchen Improvement Projects 

Update your hardware for a fresh look for your cabinetry

Dated brass door and drawer pulls can really bring a kitchen down. The good news is that swapping out your cabinets’ hardware for a more modern look is super simple. All you need is a screwdriver and a measuring tape. To keep this really easy, we recommend hardware with the same shape backing as your old hardware, so that you won’t need to drill any new holes. Simply take out the existing hardware’s screws, remove the hardware, and screw in the new knobs and pulls. Easy as that! 

Make a practical and stylish accent wall with chalk paint 

Chalk paint is this truly amazing invention that turns any surface into a chalkboard. All you need to do is designate the area you want to turn into a chalkboard, such as an accent wall, and paint it! Be sure to tape around the edges of your wall with painter’s tape to achieve a clean, neat edge, and paint the wall with primer before adding the chalkboard paint. A few coats of chalkboard paint later and, voila, a stylish and practical accent wall! 

Freshen up your backsplash with peel-and-stick tiles 

Traditional tiles are tons of work. They require grouting, precise cuts, and a ton of time. Peel-and-stick tiles, are their quicker, simpler little brother. These sheets of self-adhesive tiles stick to any clean and smooth surface, without the need for grout or other adhesives. All you’ll need to do is cut them down to the correct size, wash and dry the area on which you’d like to apply them, peel the backing off, and stick the tiles on. You’ve got a new backsplash

So put on your favorite music, Zen out with a little help from CBDfx, and get to work!

Bathroom Improvement Projects 

Swap out your showerhead for a luxury experience

New showerheads can be incredibly simple to install. All you’ll need to do is figure out which shower head mount you have and find a new showerhead with the same mounting style. You can upgrade your dinky showerhead for a super-deluxe, spa-style rain shower to make your bathroom time that much more luxurious. 

If you’re looking for the right tools for the job, it’s hard to go wrong with the DeWalt power tool collection.

Update the look of your countertops with contact paper 

Linoleum countertops looking dated? Give them an easy upgrade with contact paper. It’s available in tons of different colors and patterns. You’ll just need to cut it down to fit the shape of your countertop. When you apply it, work slowly, smoothing out any bubbles that may get stuck under the surface. 

Install more modern light fixtures 

It’s amazing how much of a difference a new light fixture can make in your bathroom! Dated bathrooms often feature domed light fixtures on the ceiling that give a less-than-modern appearance. Change out that light fixture for a solid round shade or any other flush-mounted light fixture. And be sure to take a look at the wall fixtures at Lamps Plus to find the perfect lighting for your bathroom.

Bedroom DIYs 

Don’t have a headboard? Paint one on your wall! 

A headboard can really bring a nice focal point to a bedroom, but they can come at quite the cost. Rather than purchasing a headboard for your bed, achieve the same effect by painting one directly onto the wall. A boldly colored rectangle the same width as your bed can give the appearance of a headboard without a big price tag, and center an otherwise aimless room. 

Achieve a modern look with wallpaper 

The idea of wallpaper may conjure up images of your grandmother’s dining room, but the truth is that wallpaper these days comes in a ton of cute styles, and can be a quick and simple way to freshen up your bedroom! Make an accent wall with a fun pattern, or do the whole room for a bold but stylish look. You can even opt for wall decals, which are basically wallpaper style stickers to decorate your room however your heart desires! 

It’s the perfect time to get started on some fun, fast, and easy home renovation. So, what are you waiting for? Try one of these projects out today!


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