7 Things to Do After the First Date


Finally, hours of exciting expectations and preparations are behind, and the first date is over! How many fears and worries are left behind, but don’t get too comfortable – this is just the beginning. The further development of your relationship depends on what you do after the first meeting and what impression you’ve left. Conclusions are already made, but it’s you who will add the final touch to the image you’ve built for your companion. 

Your first actions after the date are especially important; they’re the indicator that tells whether your story will develop or end shortly. For the most part, this depends on the girl’s behavior because sometimes, in the wake of romantic feelings, ladies are inclined to spoil everything with excessive emotionality. Moreover, relationship-building tendencies say that it’s men who should take the initiative and decide how to act according to the signs and hints girls give. 

So, how to act to get your crush? What things to avoid if you’re planning on building a relationship? Read below.

  • The difference in male and female perception of dating

Female psychology makes attachment, love, and other varieties of romantic experiences develop quite rapidly – much faster than it happens in men. Very often, right after the first date, a girl calls her friends to tell, “I fell in love!” In such moments, she’s ready to rush into a relationship as if she’s about to plunge into a whirlpool. While at this stage, a guy she spent this evening with usually feels slight sympathy or just tries to understand his feelings.

Women live through emotions; therefore, if the evening went well, all it takes is one kiss to make a girl think that she and her companion are a thing now, but in reality, this is far from the case. It will take some time for people to get used to each other a little and get to know each other better.

The peculiarity of male psychology is that the rational part of it prevails over the emotional. Therefore, a guy not only takes his feelings and instincts into account to summarize the results of the first date but also tries to correlate the pros and cons of the meeting. He thinks over and analyzes his impressions. And while all this is happening in his head, his companion already pictures a happy life with him. So, moderation in emotions is what a girl should be guided by after the first date.

  • How to act if you like your date

If it seems to you that your interests match, and you have the base to build a future relationship on, don’t keep your thoughts to yourself – show your intentions or drop a hint.

A girl can let the guy walk her home, initiate a kiss, or just say goodbye, slightly mentioning a second date. You can limit yourself to a kiss on the cheek, that is, behave in such a way as to interest him but not to allow too much.

A guy should thank his date for a good evening and pleasant communication, mention what he especially liked or remembered about the time they’ve spent together. Don’t forget about non-verbal messages and behave kindly. A smile works wonders – it can help not only reinforce what has been said but also make a person fall in love with you and awaken their feelings.

Counting on a serious relationship, you should understand that sex on a first date is a taboo. It’s naive to believe that a one-night stand will make you fall in love with a person and keep them close. It will but not for long – until the next morning. But you shouldn’t expect your companion to call or send a courier with a bouquet after everything that was between you. Quick sex exempts a man from any obligations; therefore, when deciding how to behave, you need to be guided mostly by your expectations from relations in general.

If you feel like it, you may call first or drop a line – this tip works for everybody. If you really want to, you can write a message on Facebook, once again thanking for a great time (send one message without excessive emotions or just a winking emoji). Or, when saying goodbye, play a little trick and say, “Call me when you get home so that I don’t worry.”

Be patient and restrained. No one likes obtrusive calls and phrases, like “I’d love to see you again,” “I miss you,” “Why aren’t you calling me?” No flashy captions on social networks if you try to drop a hint to a guy. He must be mature enough for further actions, think over the previous meeting, and put things into perspective. Falling in love with him or forcing events won’t help. Your man’s behavior after the first date indicates how serious his intentions are. He might promise to call you back but do so only out of politeness.

  • How to approach people of different zodiac signs

We often wonder how long it can take until a person takes the initiative. They may not call or text for several days, and that’s normal. The range of reasons can be pretty wide: urgent matters, lack of interest, aggravated egocentrism, or a desire to test whether you’ll call first. So, what personal attributes play a specific role in approaching a person of a certain zodiac sign?

  • An impulsive Aries and an outgoing Gemini will most likely not delay with a call; when they fall in love, they easily take decisive actions;
  • A Taurus needs a lot of time to get things together after the first date and prepare mentally for the next;
  • A Cancer person approaches the issue seriously and thoroughly; 
  • A Virgo man may disappear for several days, analyzing the pros and cons of the date with their characteristic pedantry;
  • A narcissistic Leo may expect the girl to take the first step; 
  • Libra and Aquarius guys are very amorous; they won’t postpone a new date – they’ll behave actively, calling and texting;
  • Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn guys will take decisive steps;
  • If a Pisces man doesn’t call in a few days after the date, there’s a chance he won’t do it later either. It’s difficult for this sign to say they didn’t enjoy the date straightforwardly because they prefer to silently disappear.

However, regardless of the zodiac sign, excessive attention from the girl might be perceived as an encroachment on a man’s freedom. This is psychology, and it works both ways; no one likes obtrusive people who don’t let you get your thoughts together. A girl that texts angry messages, asking for attention and a second date, can make a man feel like he’s trapped in an imaginary cage. Let your companion decide when to drop a line, show the first sign of attention, or call on their own.

If a person is interested in developing a relationship, they won’t miss the opportunity and will call or text; if not, no persistence will make them fall in love with you. If you want to contact them, you can do it in some neutral context, without excess emotions.

  • What to do after the first date

There are some tips and tricks on what to do after the first meeting to get distracted from unwanted thoughts or show your intentions to your companion:

  1. Call your best friend. It’s probably the first thing you’ll want to do after the date ends. All girls do it because it’s a great way to put things off their chest and get an opinion from the side. Besides, it’s just a good tradition. But sometimes, if a date went especially well, and friends keep asking about it, a girl can tell nothing if she doesn’t want to. Her smile will do it for her. Men are no exception; they also text their friends, asking for advice on dating. They may get taken aback by feelings so much that they wouldn’t be able to cope with the final decision themselves. At such moments, they need someone to take them back to earth.
  1. Randomly text your companion. Let it be a ‘like’ on Instagram, a random comment on Facebook, or a message asking for advice or help with fixing your computer. Or you can ask them to share their playlist if you share music preferences.
  2. Think about a creative way to spend a second date so that you already have few ideas about how to spend the next evening when they call. Maybe some awesome band comes to your town next week, or there’s a place you’ve long been dreaming of visiting. Or maybe you just miss sitting near someone, watching the sunset and drinking wine.
  3. Hint on further communication. It’s the best thing you can do if 2-3 days have passed after your first meeting, and you got bored of waiting. Even if you’ve been in contact this whole time, and your companion seems to be texting you less often, it’s still the case. You do you, and if you’re ready for rejection and not afraid of hearing the truth, take the risk and call. If the person was simply afraid of doing it on their own, you’ll break the ice and make probably one of the best decisions in your life.
  4. Or respond to the hints. Sometimes people are so intimidated to make the first step that they force another person to do it. Now it’s your turn to answer; if you received a proposition to meet again, take it or reject it; if the person simply asks you why nothing develops further between you, explain your emotions or show interest in communication.
  5. Get yourself distracted. Yes, four days have already passed since your date, and you still see no signs of attention from your companion. Try not to think about it. Do some cleaning, make plans for a week, cook something for the next few days, or just watch a film. No matter how hard it will be for you to act as if nothing happens, try to live your normal life.
  6. Carve a few days out of your schedule. This is important if you’re seriously intended to develop a relationship with your date and only wait for their suggestions to meet. If you give up some plans, you’ll have a ready answer to give when they ask, “How about going to the cinema this Saturday?” Of course, not to seem too frivolous and easy, you should just explain to the person that your schedule is busy, but you have some free time on one or three evenings during the weekdays.

Apart from this, you should also decide what you expect from this relationship because you’ll have to talk about it sooner or later. Even if it doesn’t happen during the first few weeks of your relationship, you should be ready for this conversation. Assess your current state of mind, financial condition, plans for the future, and so on to see if you’re able to find someplace for a whole new person in your life. And not only place but plenty of time too.

What’s more, always stay optimistic. Be in a great mood and understand that the person doesn’t have to live up to your expectations! Respect their choice to take a little bit longer to answer or ask you out. So that when they finally suggest you going somewhere, you don’t attack them with reproaches, like “Finally! I thought it will never happen.”


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