7 Tasty Coffee Flavours for You to Try Now!


Coffee is not just a beverage; it is an emotion. People who love drinking coffee will agree with this sentence. It is not only a beverage that alerts them or energizes them. It is a drink that can uplift their mood or give them a comforting feeling.

The aroma of coffee brewing is unmatchable, and for coffee fanatics, the best flavor of coffee is the one you get in plain espresso only. However, there are other coffee lovers. And they won’t mind different flavors in their coffee, like hazelnut or caramel.

If you are trying to move ahead of plain espresso or entering the world of coffee presently, here are seven tasty coffee flavors that you need to try.

  1.     French Vanilla

Vanilla is the perfect flavor to add to anything, whether it is ice cream or cake, or coffee. It has a strong aroma & natural sweetness, which subdues the bolder flavor of coffee and gives you a healthier treat.

Vanilla cappuccino or latte or espresso or frappuccino are a few vanilla-infused coffee drinks that you can try. To make vanilla coffee at home, use either vanilla extract or pod or vanilla flavored pod or coffee (keep in mind that it should have no extra sugar). 

  1.     Caramel

Caramel flavor in coffee is quite popular due to its rich & creamy taste. You can find caramel flavor in instant coffee, ground beans, or Nespresso compatible pods. Brew it up and drink it plain black or add frothed milk to make a macchiato or latte or cappuccino that is up to you.

With Nespresso pods, you can make caramel coffee at home within minutes. For a strong flavor, keep the espresso ratio high as compared to milk.

It is healthier than using caramel syrup in your coffee as that is extremely sugary and not great for your body.

  1.     Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice in coffee? Yes, you heard it right! A mixture of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and coffee, you cannot afford to miss this. It is a perfect drink for winters as it keeps you warm & cozy.

It is quite simple to make at home as well. Try this recipe, and you will never take pumpkin spice latte as a joke.

  1.     Turkish coffee

Turkish tea is relatively popular, and everyone who goes to Turkey will never come back without trying this delicacy. But few people know that Turkish coffee is a thing and it is delicious. It has historic significance making it a treat for everyone who doesn’t live in Turkey.

Brew it by adding water to Turkish coffee and letting it boil for a minute or two. Do keep in mind the correct ratio to taste the authentic flavor of this coffee. 

  1.     Hazelnut

Hazelnut is a classic and popular coffee flavor, especially when drinking a latte or cappuccino. The nutty flavor that you get with hazelnut is to die for. However, you can also drink hazelnut espresso as there are pods or hazelnut-infused coffee grounds. No need for hazelnut syrups!

When making this at home, you can even try adding vanilla or chocolate to it, and the taste of that coffee will be incredible.

  1.     Mocha

Are you drinking coffee for the first time? Or introducing coffee to your over-excited teen child? Then their first exposure to coffee should be with a mocha. Why? Well, because it is chocolate mixed with coffee which is a safe bet for newbies & teens.

Mochas are not incredibly strong, and there are options to drink it hot or cold. A must try anyone looking to try coffee.

  1. Butterscotch

Butterscotch is another incredible flavor that adds texture & a fine taste to your coffee. The taste of butterscotch in coffee is kind of similar to caramel, but yet different.

To make this, you will need to buy a butterscotch syrup as there are no pods or instant butterscotch coffee yet available in the market.

 As the world becomes more advanced & creative in its approach, you will see more coffee flavors surface. Have fun trying new flavors instead of sticking to plain espresso or cappuccino. There is no harm in drinking a variety of coffee in a day. Is it?


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