7 Reasons Why Abusing Social Media is Totally Crazy


Too much of anything is bad.

Internet access has been declared as one of the basic human rights by United Nations last 2011. Since then, people from most parts of the world have been using this right non-stop. It’s practically like the world wide web has become a new and very much active place on earth.

People with access are on the internet for almost their whole waking hours. I’m practically sure that you who are reading this belongs to that part of the world which can use the internet anytime. Admit it or not, it’s like you couldn’t survive a day without checking and updating your social networking accounts. Since it’s already one of our basic rights, there is nothing wrong with using the internet. But abusing it and causing it to eat up most of your precious and should-be productive hours is not anymore a healthy exercise of the said right.

Below are several clever reasons why we all should never abuse the use of social media.


There is a So Called “Digital Footprint”

Like carbon footprint (which is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as the amount of greenhouse gases and specifically carbon dioxide emitted by a person’s activities or a product’s manufacture and transport during a given period), the internet has it’s “digital footprint” too. These digital footprints are the trails of our online activities. Abusing social media usage can be traced through this. It can affect not just your online reputation, but as well as some areas of your life in the future.


Your Online Activities Will Define You

Whatever you share, post, pin, comment or tweet will definitely characterize you. If you continuously abuse the right to do whatever you please online, it might back fire on you in the near future. Since we all have our digital footprints recorded, you can be traced even by your future employers and other web users. It can affect your resume reputation as well as your background as an individual. It’s good news if you have been keeping your records all neat, though. Remember, your comments and affiliations online might create either a pleasant reputation or a backlash due to a long history of social media use and abuse.


Most Internet Users are Also Human Beings

Realize that your interactions online is still mostly comprised of human communications. That simply means abusing your right to express yourself on social media can have a huge effect on someone else’s self esteem and emotions. That is one good enough reason to be careful with your choice of words and how you basically use your social networking accounts as a whole.


You Can Always Think Before You Click

Slipping your tongue is quite forgivable. But using unpleasant words or anything abhorrent on social media is much like intended but turned out to be regretful afterwards. You always have the liberty to think twice and as many times as you can before you post anything online. So take that “privilege” to think as many times as possible seriously.


There is No Rehab For It

You can find rehabilitation programs for substance, physical and other kinds of abuse. But it’s hard to find help when you abused your right online, especially on social media. It’s hard to restore friendship, trust and reputation damaged by a thoughtless comment or post online.


There is a Big, Real World Out There

Just a reminder: the world wide web is not just the “world” where you can exist. It can be a helpful tool only when used careful and in moderation. But there is a real world waiting for you out there where you can do something more productive and more truly engaging than stare at your computer screen, stalk on your friends and acquaintances, and wage war with a random stranger on the internet. Channel your energy on something useful and beneficial. If you can’t be away from your computer or the internet for too long due to other reasons, then you can instead write blogs about good stuff than rant and envy your friends on social media.


You Will Never Win the Internet

The more you try to catch web users’ attention on social media, the more likely you will fail. Most especially if you’re abusing every opportunity you have to win the internet. You can never fake the web users, not for too long. Win the internet by just being yourself and staying out of trouble online and off.


The world wide web is also a public space. Don’t make it an avenue to unleash all your hangups, hurts and habits thoughtlessly on social networking sites. It may backlash on you.

Don’t fake it. Don’t abuse it. Keep it cool. Think. Always.

Author BioKatherine Smithson is a writer and a budding blogger who is trying to pave her way through the blogging realm. She is currently venturing into modern writing and blogging for different websites and someday be able to make a name in the industry of blogging and writing perse.


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