7 Awesome Video Tools for Content Marketers


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64% of customers purchase a product only after they have watched a video about it. Video content is the talk of the town. People around the world have consumed video content more than any other form of content. 

Especially after the global pandemic, as more people have been sitting at their homes, video has lured them. YouTube has reported that people watch more than a billion hours of video content daily. 

If you are trying to promote your brand in 2021, then video content is the key to success. It has the highest chance of making your brand get more popular and well-known in the community.

Are you confused about which video editing tools you need? So, here are seven amazing video tools that you can use as a content marketer in 2021 right away.

  1. InVideo Editor –

First on this list is a premium video editor that has impressed a lot of people around the world. InVideo comes with a host of features that allows you to edit your videos in the best possible manner. The software is available with all the basic features like trim, cut, copy, paste, and rewind any clip of a video. 

The editor also allows you to add music and audio files to your video to make it more attractive. It is obtainable in both free as well as premium versions. If you are looking for more advanced features, then you should definitely subscribe to the premium plan now.

  1. Splasheo – 

This is a tool that has been a favorite for many content marketers of top brands in the industry. Splasheo allows you to bring a more immersive impact to your videos by making them more professional, attractive, and visually interesting. You can add captions, filters, and other effects, which will help you to keep the audience watching the video till the end. Optimize your videos in a friendly way and help them to generate more views than before.

  1. Wistia – 

A video customization tool that can be your best ally when you are trying to edit videos in a more sophisticated way is Wistia. It allows you to create wonderful thumbnails, add colors, add logos, create new logos, place a “call to action” in the videos, and so on. It is an all-in-one solution that video marketing experts are always looking for. If you are interested in editing videos for YouTube, then Wistia is a great choice. You can even integrate any marketing and analytics platforms and save both time and energy on a regular basis.

  1. Camtasia – 

A very useful app that is available for both Windows and Mac OS, Camtasia is useful when you are trying to capture any screen on the computer. It is the best app that offers a wide range of features when it comes to screen capture. You can easily organize your screen footage, webcam footage and also add effects like transitions, music, title cards, animations to all of your videos with a click. All of these features help you to hold the viewer’s attention over a longer period of time.

  1. Vidyard –

There are three main things you can do with Vidyard – hosting, screen recording, and video customization. This tool is best suited for gamers and other people who want to host their computer screen live to the people. Using this software, you can now place all the “call to actions” together in one place and edit the videos accordingly. By doing so, you are directly improving your retention and conversion rate on YouTube or other platforms. Get it now and enjoy a more productive editing session.

  1. PlaceIt – 

If you are looking for a reliable place from where you can access a myriad of visual templates, then no look no further! PlaceIt is the world’s largest repository for templates that can cater to your needs in the best way. There are thousands of visual templates to choose from, and all of these are available to anyone who is willing to subscribe to their monthly plans.

All the templates are made by professional editors and designers that help your videos to get a more polished and creative look at all times. You can use the mockup generator and check how your design is going to look on different products like T-shirts, iPhones, hats, and so on. Using this software, you can also create videos, stories, banners, album covers, and book covers.

  1. DaVinci Resolve and Videoshop –

It is another video editing software that has become the industry standard in recent times. DaVinci Resolve comes with a host of video editing features that you are going to fall in love with.

The software has just received a massive upgrade, and it is now equipped with HDR grading tools, improved primary color controls, an AI-based magic mask, a super-fast Fairlight audio engine as well. You can edit the hue and color of your videos like you have never had before. Use your mouse and keyboard to edit audio very quickly now. You can work with 2000 audio files at one go with the next-generation audio engine on this.

Finally, we have Videoshop on our list. What makes the software so special? The software is available for both iOS and Android devices, which makes it easier for all the people out there to edit their videos. Videoshop comes with a huge selection of filters and transitions, which can help your videos to look more professional and pleasing to the eye.

The things you can add using this software include – texts, animations, templates, slow motion clips, voice-overs, and other elements. You can even share the content directly from this software to other platforms like YouTube.

The Bottom Line

So, here are the top video tools that we believe can be very useful for content marketers in 2021. Each of the software has been created to offer the best performance and support to content creators in every industry they are possibly present in. What are you waiting for? Grab them from the internet and start using these mind-blowing software to create the best quality videos that you have always dreamt of.


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