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Web Design has taken a sharp rise in terms of popularity as a skill in the last few years and it’s still changing. Web design is evolving and evolution is bounded with complexity. The truth is that the web design industry is healthy and growing, new jobs are being added, more clients are emerging and more agencies and companies are related to this smashing business.

Web Design is a huge industry today. The average annual salary of a web designer in United States is $62,687.

Here are some recent interesting trends of web design:

Web Design Trend 1: Web Design is more than a design

Web design is not restricted to design alone. (SEO) Search engine optimization is also one of the major components of a website design. Other aspects of an effective web design are multiple browser compatibility, CSS 3 markup, social media compatibility, HTML 5WebGL, etc.

Web Design Trend 2: Flash is past

Flash lost a lot because websites designed in Flash have higher load times and unsatisfactory performance in terms of SEO and cant view on most mobile devices or tablets.

Web Design Trend 3: Load time is 4 second

Any web site that takes more than 4 seconds in loading is a failed design because it cannot evolve the visitors’ interest. Similarly, any website that takes more than twenty seconds to finish loading is also a failure because visitors simply switch to another site which loads faster.

Web Design Trend 4: A good web site presents what a user needs

A good website shows important content as the most prominent part of the page. Flashy animations, ads and images can cause an increase the loading time and even they can mess up with the display sometimes.

Web Design Trend 5: Visitors like soul in the images

A study conducted that visitors pay to different elements in a webpage showed that visitors like web pages with photographs of people, animals and birds, rather than cartoons.

Web Design Trend 6: Design should based on future needs

The design of a website depends on the future goals of the website owners. Everything needs to be designed in order to show simplicity of the end user, in addition to fulfilling the goals of the website.


As a web designer, UI designer, or any other kind of designer – your future is secure if you are willing to make efforts to get better, improve your skills, and keep pace with this constantly shifting industry.





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