6 Types of Fabulous Ring Designs that Will Leave You Awestruck


Finger rings are the most loved piece of gold ornament by both men and women because of the sheer fact that these are chic, stylish and affordable. In earlier times any gold ornament bought was more looked at as only an instrument of security, but with changing times, these are now used to make a style statement. The variety of gold rings for women will leave you astonished! From simple, sleek designs to stone studded heavy embellished rings, everything is available in the market. With so many options to choose from, one gets confused about what to pick. This blog will help you with some latest types of diamond and gold ring designs which you should look out for this season.

Classic Simple Rings:   Like it is said “Old is Gold” even with gold rings, simple, delicate gold rings studded with a single or series of diamonds remains an all-time favorite. Such a pattern cannot go out of fashion. There are numerous latest simple gold ring designs for girls available online and in store. These are available in low weight and can be used for daily wear purpose. Be sure to check the 1 gram gold ring designs, 2 gram gold designs which are pocket-friendly.

Stackable Rings: Okay, this is our personal favorite and a design which is trending in the market. In this pattern, you stack 2 or more rings of your choice to spice up your bling factor. You have a scope to mix and match the rings which go seamlessly with your outfit. So if you are at work, wear one band, and if you are going to parties stack up 2 more on top of that one to look trendy. The best part is that you can play with the metal also; a mix of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold looks striking when worn.

Couple Rings:  If you are getting engaged or married this season, then explore shopping for the couple rings together! Wife and Husband share a beautiful bond and what better than a couple of bands to seal this bond. Matching the wedding rings showcases the symmetry and love for one another. The most trending couple rings are white gold and platinum bands with a single diamond, to add a personal touch, one can even have a wedding date, names etc.engraved on the band.

Cocktail Rings: Cocktail rings are the ones which are larger than the normal rings, and oh! How we love these rings. Cocktail rings have been in trend since the late ’20s and represent the care-free and individual spirit of a woman. It is a fashion staple among the celebs as we can often see them wearing these on various occasions. Cocktail rings are available in different precious metals, but what makes them stand out is a centerpiece which is often a precious oversized gemstone which dazzles beyond belief. These may be a little expensive due to the overgenerous use of precious and semi-precious gemstone with different cuts and striking colors, but it a must have for every girl.

Vanki Rings:  If you want to blend traditional jewelry in your modern wedding, then gold Vanki design rings are a good option. These are the typical V-shaped rings which symbolize a coiled serpent. These are mostly available in yellow gold and have precious stones like Rubies, Emeralds, and Diamonds studded in them. These rings are most commonly preferred in south Indian wedding Jewellery.

Vintage Rings: Beauty of modern women has accentuated a thousand folds when she wears an antique and vintage ring. The ring designs are inspired by the Art Deco and Victorian era. These rings have an alluring charm to it and diamonds play a major part in these ring designs. Floral motifs being the common choice some prefer edgy designs like that of a serpent while choosing a vintage ring.

Latest gold ring designs with price will satisfy your hunger for variety.  Many hesitate to purchase gold jewelry online due to security and authenticity issues, nowadays many online jewelry stores who are selling jewelry are hallmarked and have easy shipping and easy returns.


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